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In a move to protect local farmers from cheap imported wheat, the Government is likely to increase the import duty on wheat to 40 percent from the current 20 percent according to food ministry officials. Executives from the industry say

Our Rivers are dying. It is estimated that in 15 years, 25% of India will turn into a desert and we may have only half the water we need for our survival. These facts are astounding and equally appalling for a country

Of the many things that India is known for, hospitality is one. Atithi Devo Bhava, which translates to “guest is god”, is the motto that drives the efforts of the Indian Tourism sector and most Indian citizens when hosting a

Hello there, national holiday! Ok don’t judge us. We know it’s India’s 69th Independence Day so relax. So what’s cooking today? What! No tri-colored munchies?! What kind of an unpatriotic foodie are you? And yes, now we are totally judging.

The moment that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! All of our childhood dreams are about to come true, all our wallets are about to get lighter because Mars is finally launching M&M’s in India and we got

Tomato prices are skyrocketing. Almost anyone in India will tell you that. One kilogram of tomatoes sells for as much as Rs. 100, and it doesn’t look like the price is coming down anytime soon. In Madhya Pradesh, drastic measures

1.Magic Moments RadicoKhaitan Group of breweries proudly manufactures its much popular vodka by the name of “Magic Moments”, in India. They are almost selling on higher quantities in rural areas of India. In maximum Indian bars and retail shops, this

The beef debate in India is complex and continuous, going far beyond the sphere of food into religion, class, and (groan) even politics. On Wednesday Sadhvi Saraswati, who was speaking at the All India Hindu Convention, said, and I quote;

In the States when you think breakfast food you think IHOP – pancakes, waffles, eggs and kickass combos. The best part – they’re finally open in India! Unfortunately for us in the south, they’re presently only open in Gurgaon but

No, we’re not kidding. Yes, it has come to this. In light of the recent meat ban in some states and beef politics which have been prevalent throughout India Hotstar has now implemented a trigger warning for beef before international

We know that we’ve practically grown up on Good Day cookies (we even liked that butter flavour). Thankfully, Britannia has heard our prayers and are coming out with a new variety of Good Day cookies! No, this is not a

Patanjali is more often than not in the news on a daily basis. The last thing I wrote about was the Army canteen banning their Amla juice but they’ve been in the news most recently over their proposed chain of fast

In a not so unexpected development, India is spreading awareness internationally in order to gain FDI for the food sector, and I can’t say that we’re not happy about it! Recently the Ministry of Food Processing Industries announced that New

In this blistering summer heat, everyone fancies a nice cool soft drink in order to keep their temperature down (even though they pointlessly dehydrate you). However, we (don’t tell me it’s just me) are also always looking for low-calorie drinks

You can run you can hide but you can’t escape the news of the liquor ban that’s swept the country thanks to a Supreme Court ruling. This court order, which came into effect on April 1st, amounts to a complete

The recent meat ban has caused problems of almost epic proportions in UP with serious felonies and lawlessness occurring in certain instances. However, this instance, while epic in its own way, luckily didn’t have as serious ramifications. A wedding in a

We all know that nothing remains constant, and all things change. This is exactly what’s happening right now for Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company and its Bottling Investments Group (BIG) have announced new leadership appointments for its India & south-west Asia

These days, Amul has become synonymous with two things, dairy products (now, who can forget Real Milk. Real Ice Cream) and controversy. However, if all goes to plan they should be associated with something else in the future -fruits and vegetables!No,

There has been no shortage of woes for UB in the last couple of years. Starting with the Kingfisher Airlines fiasco and ending with Vijay Mallya’s arrest last week (granted, it was only for about 5 minutes). Don’t even get

If you follow this website then you should know that food is life. Lucky for us the government of India is starting to feel the same. They are going to organize a global food fair in November this year to