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It’s the age of superfoods; and the more exotic the superfood, the wider market it captures. Case in point, turmeric latte and matcha tea. The latest exotic health snack to join this roster is makhana. That’s right the part crunchy-part chewy

Virat Kohli is easily one of India’s most revered youth icons. And we say this not just because he just got hitched to one of the most successful women in the Hindi movie industry, but simply because at the age

The market – and its consumers – right now is big on healthy snacking and foods that are higher on taste and nourishment than they are on the calorie charts. Joining this fleet of wholesome snacking options is ‘Kari Kari’,

Are you looking for a post work snack? Something to munch on when you are watching the latest season of Game of Thrones, but don’t want to indulge yourself in fried chips? That is where Happilo’s snack pack comes in.

Winter is here! To treat your tastebuds this season, Nachos brand Cornitos has launched their Winter Special Coated Green Peas with all new packaging that is easy-to-open and comes in resealalable stand up pouches of 150 grams. These Imported Marowfar

Coca Cola recently announced that they’re going to be releasing bottled coffee in 2017, which follows their plans to launch healthy snacks and fruit juices into the market. This is a huge step for the beverage giant, because ever since

This year, the food focus at the popular Kala Ghoda Arts Festival revolved around fresh, organic, healthy fare, inspired by the health food trend that is rapidly taking over Mumbai. While a plethora of restaurants from salad focused eateries to

We have all been there. That time period when dinner seems so far away and lunch feels like a lifetime ago even though you had it just a couple of hours ago and your blood sugar has reached a low,

Now that even studies show signs of obesity being linked to eating more, it’s time we got those snacks under the calories scanner. As Steve Jobs had once said, “stay hungry, stay foolish”, eating less or not at all is

There’s no saying when you’ll get hungry after you’ve had one of the three major meals of the day. Maybe you had a king-sized breakfast in the morning but surprise, surprise you’re the little beastly growls that emanate from YOUR