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Our city has a fix for everybody and those who have been here long know how to do a jugaad and that is exactly what we’ve done. We’ve scrounged the metropolitan where you can delicious food guilt-free. So here are

Our hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow us to even touch our breakfast and when it comes to the 4 o’clock hunger, our well thought out diet plans goes into the bin. So, this National Nutrition Week, let’s try bring back health

“A healthy diet is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,” said lead author Dr Rossella Di Stefano, a cardiologist at the University of Pisa, Italy to Science Insider. “Fruits and vegetables exert their protective effects through plant polyphenols,

A diet full of vegetables, fruits whole grains and lean proteins is great for your body. This has been said time and again by various studies and dietitians. But according to a recent study, most people are doing the wrong

A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that eating almonds on a regular basis may boost the levels of HDL cholesterol at the same time it also helps in removing cholesterol from the body. The study was conducted by observing

It’s not something new that you open a bag of chips and find more air than the quantity of chips. In fact, most portion of the bag is filled with air. So are the chips companies cheating us? Probably, not.

Adding to the list of another diet fad is the ‘Baby Diet Food’. This is not meant for babies but for adults and its turning into a rage in Hollywood according to the reports by ndtv.com. The diet being talked about here

Diet food and drinks,though less in calories might lead to weight gain says a new study conducted by the researchers at the Yale University in the US. This happens as that the brain misreads the calories in the diet food

The weekend is here and in the enthusiasm you’ve had way too many shots than you intended. We’ve all been there. So let’s keep a few awesome foods handy in our kitchen, no not cold pizza, we’re talking about those

Our body needs plenty of nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But in a fast paced life its hard to keep track of the everyday balance in food. So here are five foods that you can

Flavanoids can be found in many foods like tea, red wine and blueberries. A recent study by scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis showed that breaking down of flavanoids by a particular type of gut microbe

No, not just any ordinary pencil. This one is specially made by Sprout World based is Denmark which is a green startup and they’re the first ones to make a sustainable pencil. The idea originated in the bright minds of

“We found that about a third of the additional calories provided by the sugar-sweetened drinks were not expended, fat metabolism was reduced, and it took less energy to metabolize the meals. This decreased metabolic efficiency may ‘prime’ the body to

Many countries like the US sell eggs kept under refrigeration but you’ll also find your local shopkeepers selling them at room temperature. So which method is the right one? The fact is, both! It really depends on whether the eggs

The reason why the food appears the same at every Starbucks outlet no matter which country you are in is because the food is frozen. The food gets prepped, chopped and cooked at a far away location. However, the major

In a recent study, scientists from Cornell have found that those with diminished ability in tasting food tend to go for higher amounts of sweetness in their food leading to weight gain. “We found that the more people lost sensitivity to

When you hear truffle oil you’re immediately reminded of the delicious, most expensive fungus,truffles. But chefs like Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay and Martha Stewart don’t like the sound of it. More precisely they hate it. But why? Anthony Bourdain says, “Let

We don’t need to learn rocket science to know that sweetened drinks – especially ones with added sugars – are terrible for our system and can pack an alarming amount of fat on our body. However, did you know that

All of us immediately think of citrus fruits every time someone mentions vitamin C. Here is something else you should know. Strawberry is another main source of Vitamin C. One cup of strawberries provides 149 per cent of our daily

The key to eating healthy is eating more of raw fruits and vegetables especially the seasonal and fresh produce. Around the globe there are many food items that are packed with health and nutrition in the form of vitamins and