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It is a well-researched claim that fast food is unhealthy. Whether it’s because of all the trans fat, the breads, fried food, or other unhealthy ingredients, nutritionists have always professed staying away from the lot. But has that ever stopped

According to reports by Business Insider, the American Heart Association has updated their guidelines on fats and goes out to tell people not to consumer saturated fats. These saturated fats are found in foods like butter and coconut oil and

A recent study has found that mushrooms have an abundance of two antioxidants which are responsible for fighting age and improve health according to Science Daily. The research published by the researchers at Penn also say that these properties also

If you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep or even suffer from anxiety, don’t ever touch these foods before going to bed! The below foods should be consumed hours before you’re planning to go to sleep. You can develop

Bill Marler is an attorney in the US and has been handling food poisoning lawsuits for more than 20 years and has won his clients $600 million in cases for foodborne-illness. After all this experience he talked to Insider and

It is common to find people suggesting to drink one to two liters of water in a day but that amount might not be good for you. In fact in a report by Insider says that even experts don’t know

Every year during the holiday season, we tend to gain weight especially when it’s cold, you just can’t resist a good hot meal no matter how much you regret it later. Science Insider spoke to a nutritionist and weight loss

A recent study had shown how posting food pictures on social media can help you lose weight. But in case that isn’t working for you then a Danish study has found that when a diet of an overweight adults was

We’re not talking about blue cheese, which is meant to become better with growing blue moulds on it. We’re referring to the day-to-day things like bread and fruits that become mouldy and whether or not you should pick out the

Researchers have found an easy-to-do addition to your diet to reduce weight – eating nuts! After a five year research that studied 373,000 individuals concluded it showed that those between 25-70 years of age lost weight by consuming nuts. The

According to recent research published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, has identified a gene that may cause peanut allergy. The new research has opened a gateway into further studies that can identify the role played by genes

According to a recent study, mice were given broccoli to eat along with the regular diet and they were able to bear many digestive issues like leaky gut and colitis as compared to mice who weren’t given broccoli to eat.

Researchers are trying to find the right kind of additives to be added to soil so that the vegetables grown in it does not harm humans. But how can soil be toxic? It can be according to reports by Science

By changing the bacteria in the gut, black tea may be able to stimulate weight loss and provide health benefits according to a recent research. This research by the University of California – Los Angeles Health Sciences (UCLA) is published

Kicking back with a cup of coffee is a major hack that people use to wake up from slumber, cure a hangover or at least keep the fatigue at bay till the work hours are done with. But it’s always

Naturally produce milk from cows is a great source of iodine and if consumed on daily basis, can contribute significantly for our daily consumption of the mineral. Milk alternatives however, can cause iodine deficiency as shown in a recent study

Our city has a fix for everybody and those who have been here long know how to do a jugaad and that is exactly what we’ve done. We’ve scrounged the metropolitan where you can delicious food guilt-free. So here are

Our hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow us to even touch our breakfast and when it comes to the 4 o’clock hunger, our well thought out diet plans goes into the bin. So, this National Nutrition Week, let’s try bring back health

“A healthy diet is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,” said lead author Dr Rossella Di Stefano, a cardiologist at the University of Pisa, Italy to Science Insider. “Fruits and vegetables exert their protective effects through plant polyphenols,

A diet full of vegetables, fruits whole grains and lean proteins is great for your body. This has been said time and again by various studies and dietitians. But according to a recent study, most people are doing the wrong