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Bone density takes a hit when a person is suffering from osteoporosis and they are at a great risk of bone fractures and disintegration. However, a Mediterranean diet could prevent this, is the latest find of a study conducted by

A new research has found that dirty kitchen towels can cause food poisoning due to the growth of pathogens in them. Factors such as family size, type of diet, multi-usage of towels, among other factors and their impact on the

When it comes to physical and mental well-being, it’s hard not to mention a proper diet. There are different types of meat, vegetables, and fruits that will not only keep your body in great condition but will also help you

We worry a tad too much about what we eat. Not that we shouldn’t but after a point we need to stop and think whether our best friend’s neighbor’s aunt’s dietician’s diet tip actually makes sense. There is a diet

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has announced that all packaged foods must clearly state the details of the genetically modified (GM) ingredients if at all they contain any. This is a step towards introducing GMO labeling

Following a series of tests conducted by the Delhi Government recently on branded and unbranded milk samples, Health Minister Satyendra Jain has revealed that 21 samples were found to be “sub-standard”. These 21 “sub-standard” samples included those of popular brands

The lesser the food left on your plate, the lesser it goes into the landfill is what a new research by The Ohio State University suggests. They found that people who left behind three percent of the food on the

The American Journal of Hypertension had conducted a study the result of which has shown that eating more yoghurt can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The study was published by the Oxford University Press revealed that the study focused

Changing weather has lead us all to catch a cold sooner or later and while cold takes a while to heal, here are 5 foods that’ll help you feel better. Tea A hot cup of ginger tea works wonders if

A study has recently been conducted by experts at the University of Exeter and found that animals and humans can make good decisions by following their gut. In fact the food in your stomach and your hunger levels have an

Durian is the world’s smelliest fruit, with an odour so potent that Singapore Transit Authority has banned it. But if you can get over its smell like the Mao Shan Wang Cafe has then you can reap these 6 amazing

Women who have had their menopause and are overweight can benefit from paleolithic diet say experts. They further suggest that the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease also goes down in the study conducted at Umeå University in

Experts have suggested that omega 3 that comes from fish are better than that found in flaxseed and any other oils if it’s a matter of cancer prevention. The study conducted by University of Guelph concluded that the marine based

Pepper is known for enhancing aroma and spice in our daily Indian food fare but who knew that the spice helps contribute to weight loss. Experts Shilpa Arora and Dr. Simran Saini spoke to NDTV and talked about how this

Yes, you read it right. With the goodness of carbohydrates, proteins and based on your order even vegetables, pizza is actually healthier than cereals says a dietician in an interview with The Daily Meal. Hear It From The Expert “You

A recent study conducted by the Rutgers University insects are digestible by humans. The study said that our primate ancestors’ food choice is still consumed and is easily digested by the system. Digestion Of Insects By Humans “For a long

A video released by Insider talks about how gluten sensitivity might not what we thought out it to be and might not even exist. This they say on the basis of a study that found that fructan and not gluten

The researchers from The Netherlands have found that the health of dogs and cats might be more at risk when fed raw meat. Rather they are suggesting to stick to the conventional dry or canned pet food. Problem With Raw

Health is dependent into a big extent on nutrition, and nutrition on food items. Foods, in reality, is the most important solitary considerrelationship with all the attainment and maintenance of health. Everydrop of blood in the entire body is conditioned from the foods we consume and it is on blood that each tissue, each individual organ, each and every gland, and in truth each operate of your overall body fundamentally relies upon. By foodstuff is supposed any material taken in to the procedure that serves to sustain usual bodily procedures. It truly is fallacy of

Healthy eating benefits us in many ways and now a study has found that a fiber-rich diet has a good impact on chronic inflammatory joint diseases and also leads to stronger bones. The study was conducted by the researchers at