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Gilmore Girls Salmon Puffs Recipe

In Gilmore Girls after (spoilers ahead), Rory quite Yale she joins the DAR and takes on planning events. At one, she chooses not to serve salmon puffs and Emily never has a fit. Here's a recipe for those legendary salmon puffs to try at home.

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Gilmore Girls Zucchini Soup Recipe

In Gilmore Girls just before Lorelai and Sookie open the inn, Lorelai asks Jackson to make sure nothing happens to the zucchini because Sookie is making zucchini soup. He assumes that he needs to sleep with the zucchini to protect it from the cold. In tribute to that hilarious moment, we're sharing a simple recipe for zucchini soup. Enjoy!

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Gilmore Girls Cheesy Scrambled Eggs Recipe

In Gilmore Girls, Rory and Lorelai often enjoy scrambled eggs for both breakfast and dinner. In true Gilmore style, (they love themselves pizza and junk food), the eggs are oozing with cheese. Whip up your own and enjoy watching some re-runs with this recipe.

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