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Delicate and colorful macarons are absolute patisserie beauties that are all over the internet. If you’ve ogled at the daintiest pictures of french macarons, numerous times, it’s time for you to make them by yourself. A sweet meringue-based confection made

We all have our own way of eating our all-time-favourite fast food – The French Fries. Even though there is nothing French about the French Fries, the origin of this dish is not clearly known. Some say it was invented by

This delicious champagne cocktail is courtesy of Cook the Story! While the Sparkling French Martini is not technically a martini because it doesn’t contain any vermouth, the champagne adds a classy twist to your drink! Print Recipe Sparkling French Martini

The culinary scene in India has never been more exciting, with patrons expanding their palates and being more open to trying new things thanks in part to globetrotting (and MasterChef, of course) and restaurants really serving up the goods –

It is safe to say that the current President of the United States, President Donald Trump, is by far one of the most offbeat presidents the nation has seen. From sending his security detail on McDonald’s runs to time and

Easter is celebrated worldwide by making various varieties of sweets, pastries and desserts. Here we have a chocolatey dish which is sure to convince your sweet tooth. Begin your Easter with our simple yet yummy Nutella French Toast.

For those of you mentally making a choice between potato wedges and French fries, this poll is not about that. Because while the concept of boiled potatoes golden-fried to crispy perfection is a rather simple concept, within the broad category

For people who’ve fished through a fair amount of fast food around the globe, the poutine needs to introduction. For the uninitiated, poutine is a popular Canadian fast food preparation featuring golden-fried – or even baked – French fries topped

The French folk have a gorgeous way of going about with their food and wine, a fact that Julia Child would totally agree upon. Right from their basic materials to the final preparation, everything is on point. There is hardly

French fries are very tasty and they are simply irresistible. You feel like gorging on it again and again. It is very simple and easy to prepare. Serve.

The easy White wine chicken turns ordinary chicken into an elegant and delicious dinner. It is perfect for a busy night when you want scrumptious chicken dinner. The amazing amalgamation of garlic, parsley and white wine gives a mouth-watering taste.

Check out this delicious French Fries Recipe that’s so close to McDonald’s you’ll be tempted to make them everyday! Print Recipe Copycat McDonald’s French Fries Recipe Crispy Fries! Votes: 1 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 5 minutes

French Monaco

According to Saveur, this beer cocktail is a hit amongst French youth. Whip up a French Monaco for when you want to give your beer a makeover. Print Recipe French Monaco Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe! Course

Everyone loves a good birthday celebration right? Well, that’s exactly what the folks at the Leela Palace thought when pondering the perfect way to bring in Le Cirque’s third anniversary this November. Obviously, it had to be a grand affair,

The French Loaf is organizing its annual ‘Cake Mixing’ event on 25th October i.e today; creating yet another milestone maintaining this beautiful tradition. Spearheaded by Corporate Chef Boopesh, the enthusiastic chefs of The French Loaf will mix a variety of ingredients

Women of the film industry deserve accolades for their contribution to the industry! So, what’s  better than celebrating their achievements with a huge delicious cake! So, the French Loaf, Chennai’s favourite destination for sweets and cakes is once again back

French Martini

The French Martini is fruity and delicious and is bound to become your new favorite drink! Mix it up and do things the French way! Print Recipe French Martini This vodka-based fruity cocktail is a delight! Votes: 1 Rating: 4

You must have heard about the biggest Indo-French food festival happening at Puducherry next week if you weren’t living under a rock. If you do not know about A Bite Of France, you can read all about it over here.

We all know that  San Francisco has a vending machine that sells freshly baked baguettes. New Orleans got a champagne vending machine that sells $20 bottles of Moët & Chandon. So, we weren’t really surprised when France got an oyster vending machine. For the

There is a magical allure associated with Puducherry (Pondicherry).  Be it the residents, people from nearby towns and cities, or even people from across the globe; the spell is cast upon everyone. In this quaint little town that is bursting