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Unless you’ve spent your days devoid of any internet access, you probably know that there’s a huge Korean culture wave washing over India, through the spread of Korean dramas and Korean Pop music. Many youngsters are very enthusiastic about trying

The famed Bar Stock Exchange forays into the Central suburbs with an outpost in Deonar, Chembur. Taking over from erstwhile N Bar & Grill, this casual diner sports a cosy ambiance with great drinks which it is popular for and

After a rip-roaring launch of pub Garage Inc. Public House, where some stimulating fusion cocktails like Boston Sour and the Burnt Carribean were served along with appetizing mini burgers, biryani, paneer tikka , we decided to check out the food

China Bistro, coming from the stable of Food Link Restaurants, synonymous with good food down the years, offers a lavish lunch and dinner buffet apart from it’s a la carte menu. It is one of the restaurants of the ever-resourceful

Tea-time cravings are the worst to handle. Especially when you are out with friends and if you happen to be the kind who keeps a tab on calories consumed, keep away your guilt pangs by visiting one of these restaurants

Sindhi cuisine seems to be making a mark on Mumbai’s culinary map. In the recent months, I have been on a tasting spree at two restaurants serving exclusive Sindhi cuisine. Juss by Sindhful opened its door in Khar early this

Kebab and biryani lovers this is the time to head to the ongoing Kebab Festival with Unlimited kebabs and biryani at all India Bistro outlets across the country, till 31st August! India Bistro in Chembur is where we visited on

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In more-than 25 years’ of my outing as a foodie, I have tasted all Indian and international cuisines. I mean almost and among the few that I have not eaten in a restaurant is Sindhi food. However lesser-known it may