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Food trucks, though an age-old concept, have only recently picked up pace in India. With numerous food truck festivals being held in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities and food trucks like Delhi’s The Lalit Food Truck, Mumbai-based FoGo Mumbai, Pune’s

The capital of Tamil Nadu might be full of interesting and new and quirky restaurants and food joints, but Chennai has been lacking one thing for a really long time – Food trucks. Being a coastal city, you’d think that

Food trucks might be the coolest creation for the food industry, but in the city of Bengaluru, there’s something even bigger happening. BBQ Ride is the latest entrant into the ‘food-on-the-move’ market and they are definitely changing the game. Arun

Food on wheels is a concept adored by people who want something in between stepping into full-fledged restaurants and eating by the street. And with an area span of almost 47,000 sq. km, Delhi NCR is bound to have more

You remember that crush of yours whom you’ve been stalking since forever and suddenly one day you meet their hotter cousin and fell in love with them? The exact same way street food’s fleet of hotter cousins, also known as

The food truck trend in India is still strong. With new food trucks launching, this meals on wheels concept seems to be here to stay. Some of these food trucks are no ordinary food trucks serving greasy, cheap food. They

When I first watched Chef, I was so impressed and excited by the idea of food trucks. It wasn’t the first time I had seen food trucks, but it was definitely the first time an entire movie was focused on food

Last year, a collection of food trucks trundled into Mumbai, in line with a global trend of food trucks taking over major city’s culinary scenes. This month, in a first of a kind event in the city, Mumbai will see

The French have arrived and they are slowly turning over the streets of Bengaluru on its head. Le Casse-Croûte serves authentic French street food from from their swanky food truck throughout the week. Although French food in Bengaluru is restricted to

Bangalore Food Truck and Music Festival is back for its third iteration at Pebble, Palace Grounds, on Sunday, December 27th filled with good food from Bengaluru’s own food trucks and music that will keep you rocking through out the day. The

Patrons shopping at Kandivali West’s Croma store in the early evening may be in for a surprise; after spending an hour or so lost in digital delight, they may leave the store and find that a happy yellow truck decorated

Food trucks are generally known for serving quirky food often with a fusion twist. The Food For Thought food truck at the University of Connecticut, however, is taking things a step further and serving students crickets. Yup; we mean the

There are few people in the television watching world who don’t enjoy a comic episode of The Simpsons or Family Guy once in a while. Likewise, there are few people who don’t appreciate the cheap, quick tasty grub they can

After food trucks rolled their merry way first into Bangalore and then Delhi, Mumbai has shed all (or most) of its BMC related woes and embraced the food truck culture. Food trucks spread from Dahisar to Parel are capturing foodies’

By the end of this month, a fire engine red food truck, which calls itself the ‘Bombay Food Truck’ will be jauntily rolling into Mumbai. Helmed by the men behind the popular Andheri bar Please Don’t Tell, Ashish Sajnani and

Paris is the city of love but it also is the land of the Michelin star and culinary capital of the Old World. We have heard stories and legends and our foodie hearts have longed for the taste of the