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It’s Popcorn Day today, and we are super excited! Not just because we get stuff our face with crazy amounts of popcorn – well, majorly because of that – but also because we live in a time where ‘popcorn’ is

People who’ve grown up in the late 20th century had a lot to be excited about. The invention of the laptop, digital camera, Internet, flat screen TVs, and the likes. But for us millennial, most of the fancy things are

The week gone by saw an extensive range of polls. From picking out your favourite bowl of delicious piping hot soup to deciding what kind of bread, cookie, and pastry to pair with that cup of coffee, we sure gave

Winter months call for a lot of warm and fuzzy things, one of the most comforting being a luscious bowl of soup. The dish sees a number of variations across different cuisines, countries, households, and kitchens. From the zesty Asian

Very few of us can function properly through the day sans caffeine. And more of ten than not, the sacred source of this caffeine is coffee. But what good is a coffee break without anything to eat with the cuppa

Chutney, a.k.a. dip or sauce, is a vital part of Indian cuisine. The spicy/tangy/sweet side finds its way into a number of platters and lights it up like no other food can. Known by different names like pachadi, thuvayal, etc.

Keeping up with the weekly tradition of counting your choices and opinions, we land on this weeks poll results. Last week we gave you a number of varied choices to pick from. Right from your tolerance for spices, your score

In the “fast-paced” life that we live today, there is hardly much time left to give ourselves an hour or two of a healthy workout or some exercise. And even if we do, our food choices more often than not

Partnerships are important. In fact, there are very few things and people that can exist independently. Whether it’s human beings, animals, games, clothes, gadgets, or even food, more often than not a duo is always better than a single. For

The week – and year – gone by saw an exciting variety of polls. From all the absurd food myths that you’ve fallen for to the most colorful and magical food trend of 2016 taking the form of a cheesecake

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of polls. From an all-new chocolate pizza by Domino’s and a medicinal weed water to a rather questionable (for the lack of a better word) Korean ice cream, there sure was a

Don’t we all love those crunchy potato snacks that manufacturers put in with our pack of air? Kidding! I am aware that all the air (a.k.a. Nitrogen) is essential for keeping the crunch of the potato chips intact, but we

Each year brings along a new wave of trends and fashions in every sphere of life – whether it’s apparel, shoes, technology, or even food. Food trends have garnered a lot of spotlight over the past few years, and rightly

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of polls. From your most relished Oriental gravy/sauce to the 2017 food trend you’re most eagerly awaiting, there sure was a lot to pick from. So, how did your choices fare? Find

Comfort food, as the name suggests, is a category of food items that is either high in sentimental value for the consumer or provides comfort to them for other reasons (like being high in calories). That is true, comfort food

Superfoods, or health foods as they are also called, have been big these past few years. Given the shift of spotlight to a healthier demographic, the biggest of private and public organisations have started to emphasise on the importance of

If you thought that the Indian cuisine was vast, then wait till you read up on other Southeast Asian cuisine. In particular, the Oriental preparations that are whipped up in the Chinese kitchens are a sight (and bite) to behold.

The week gone by saw an extensive range of polls. From picking out your favourite upcoming 2017 food trend to choosing your preferred kind of packaged milk, we sure gave you a lot to choose from. So, how did your

If you claim to have never believed in superstitions, you’re lying. It is impossible that you have never hiccupped and wondered who’s missing you; considered just one Myna to be unlucky; or never said ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes. Here

“Phones are getting smarter, people are getting dumber” A lot of us may not agree with the latter, but the former statement is true AF. Phones are getting smarter and thanks to all the technology we now have half the