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Manzarita Cocktail

You’re going to love this take on a tequila smash courtesy of Food & Wine! Modified by Devlin DeVore by adding apple juice, this makes this cocktail suitably Thanksgiving-themed! Print Recipe Manzarita Cocktail This take on a tequila smash is

This cocktail is perfect to whip up at your Thanksgiving dinner, if you’ve got a large party attending, and limited time to whip up a drink! Courtesy of Food & Wine, you only need three ingredients for this drink! Print

Thanksgiving dinner is always a great time to catch up with family and friends, but it can be a bit stressful (especially if you’re hosting). If you’re looking for a unique cocktail that you can easy whip up this Thanksgiving,

Big Apple Martini

This brandy take on a martini will certainly raise a few eyebrows. Courtesy of Food & Wine, this Big Apple Martini is sure to add some festive cheer to your holiday! Print Recipe Big Apple Martini Spruce up your Thanksgiving

It’s just about a week until Thanksgiving post will inundate our social media timelines. If you’re looking for a cocktail recipe to serve this holiday, then try this Lumberjack Julep cocktail courtesy of Food & Wine, for a fun take

If you’re looking for a quick Thanksgiving cocktail to whip up to get the holiday season underway, then why not try this Pomme Petillant cocktail courtesy of Food & Wine? It takes little to no time to make and is

Halloween! Today is the day that you can pretend to be someone else and not be branded as a 8++sociopath (yay!)! If you haven’t thought up a cocktail to whip up for your annual cocktail party, try this easy fix

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to amp up your Halloween party then try this Bloody Shirley Temples recipe, courtesy of This Grandma Is Fun! While the original recipe is non-alcoholic, we’ve tweaked it a little to

Gridiron Punch

This beer cocktail sure packs a punch (pun intended) and is the perfect drink to whip up when you’ve got the whole gang coming over (you know, for an Oktoberfest party, maybe)! Courtesy of For Rent, this Gridiron Punch makes

This lovely beer cocktail only needs three ingredients so you can easily whip it up for your next Oktoberfest party! Courtesy of Food & Wine, Edna’s Lunchbox is the perfect cocktail to make en masse as a simpler cocktail option!

Serbesa Cocktail

If you’re looking for a delicious beer cocktail to get things going this Oktoberfest season, then try this Serbesa cocktail, courtesy of Drink Manila! Print Recipe Serbesa Cocktail Described as a beer and margarita hybrid, this cocktail sounds sessionable indeed!

Oktoberfest is here, and beer-drinkers have plenty of reasons to rejoice! However, if you’re looking for a delicious Oktoberfest cocktail to relieve yourself from a constant flow of beer, then try out this Red Velvet cocktail courtesy of the Rachael

This whisky cocktail could be useful if you’ve got a bottle lying around that you don’t particularly fancy! The Empire Glory Cocktail, courtesy of LiveInStyle has got ginger wine, grenadine, and a hit of citrus for a well-balanced drink! Print

If you’re looking for a whiskey cocktail that goes down easy, then you’ve got to try Earl’s Choice, courtesy of LiveInStyle! This cocktail packs a bit of a punch – don’t say that we didn’t warn you!   Print Recipe

This delicious chamomile tea cocktail, courtesy of LiveInStyle, is the perfect drink to whip up if you’re in need of a soothing drink after a long day. It’s a whiskey cocktail, so it’s sure to help you unwind perfectly. Print