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Hot summer and busy schedules stressing you out? Fret not because we have the perfect cocktail recipe to help you iron out those stress-induced worry lines and chill. Made with a lovely tea infusion made with Geisha, one of the

Pomegranate Royale

If you want to try out a champagne cocktail, but just want to dip your toe in the proverbial water then why not try this Pomegranate Royale cocktail? Courtesy of Delish, all you need is three ingredients! Print Recipe Pomegranate

IPA Mango Slushie

Now here’s a cocktail for everyone out there who loves their brews! Courtesy of Craft Beering, this IPA cocktail has got a fresh, seasonal twist for the mango fans out there – and it only requires 3 ingredients. Let us

Blackberries are in season only a couple of months in a year but they can still turn out to be quite expensive. If you’re looking for a quick and cheap way to whip up a blackberry cocktail why not try

While browsing Facebook this morning, I came across an interesting article on Buzzfeed which tested a bunch of boozy hacks. One of the hacks the author tried was the jam cocktail, which apparently turned out pretty well so this Raspberry

Arugula Gimlet

If you’re a big fan of the peppery plant, then you’ll love Bon Appetit’s take on the gimlet. A classic gin cocktail, redone, what more could you want! Print Recipe Arugula Gimlet Arugula combines fabulously in this gin cocktail! Votes:

Cosmonaut Cocktail

If you’re a fan of the Cosmopolitan (the drink, not the magazine) then you’ll definitely want to experiment with this three-ingredient version of the drink by Sasha Petraske that’s gin-based an a hella lot easier to make! Print Recipe Cosmonaut

Summer is finally here which means loads of BBQ parties and copious amounts of alcohol being drunk! If you’re looking for an easy punch to make to satisfy your raucous friends’ thirst then look no further than this lemonade prosecco

After a long hard day of work or simply just to get the party started, a cocktail is all that one needs. And we’re sure James Bond would agree, given his “shaken, not stirred” stand on the matter. But fangirl-ing

You’ll be belting out Strawberry Fields forever after trying this delicious Strawberry Lime Champagne recipe, courtesy of Give Recipe. I mean, we all know that strawberry and champagne is a winner, but this bellini-like cocktail may knock your socks off!

ICYMI, Rosé is kind of a big deal these days (Rosé all day, amirite). If you want to try out the frosé trend that’s sweeping the world, then why not experiment with this recipe by Julie Blanner, that your gang is

Champagne Slushies

Strawberries and champagne is a winning combination, but we’re pretty sure you’ve never had them like this. All you need for this delightful summer cocktail, courtesy of Julie Blanner, is a bottle of bubbly and some fresh strawberries! Print Recipe

ICYMI, the FIFA World Cup is finally here! If you’ve ever been for a live match, you’ll know that the connection you feel with the team and the other fans is a whole different experience. However, since we can’t all

Margarita Float

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a nice warm day? Beat the heat this summer with this margarita float cocktail by Julie Blanner that only uses three ingredients! Tequila and lime sorbet? All day, every day! Print Recipe Margarita Float

Basil Gimlet Fizz

Looking for a refreshing summer cocktail that’s easy to whip up? Why not try this Basil Gimlet Fizz recipe, courtesy of Martha Stewart. It’s got a lovely vodka base, and some deliciously frozen watermelon to boot! Print Recipe Basil Gimlet

Japanese Cocktail

Don’t let the name fool you, because this cocktail is made primarily with French ingredients. This cognac-based cocktail with its nutty profile was included in Jerry Thomas’ Bar-Tender’s Guide in 1862. Print Recipe Japanese Cocktail A classy cognac cocktail for any dinner

If you’re experiencing the most Monday-est Tuesday, and a beer just won’t cut it, why not try this Blushing Betty cocktail? Courtesy of Serious Eats, this bourbon delight only requires three simple ingredients and a few minutes of your time

Baileys Martini

If you’re a fan of Baileys (honestly, who isn’t) and enjoy vodka then you will absolutely love this cocktail! The best part? It’s sinfully easy to whip up, and you can add your own variations to morph this martini into

Getting the gang together this Sunday? Why not whip up a batch of Mango Mint Iced Tea cocktails. This vodka-based drink, courtesy of Awesome Cuisine, is possibly the coolest way to drink tea! Print Recipe Mango Mint Iced Tea The

This Mango Tango cocktail courtesy of Genius Kitchen is giving us some serious #weekendvibes. While the recipe originally calls for Finlandia Mango Vodka you can use any mango flavored vodka to whip this drink up. Spoiler alert: it’s fruit and