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What goes around comes around, and that is especially true in the food industry. As in fashion, ingredients are always going in and out of style, albeit, with a few changes. Traditional food is slowly coming back on the radar,

Now that you are tired from all the biriyani you have been eating, here is an easy recipe for an amazing dessert. Cranberry Nut Brittles. Indulge in this chikki after you are done with your delicious lunch or dinner! Print Recipe Eid-al-Adha

Back in November, we reported that Paper Boat was planning to foray into the packaged food market. Paper Boat, which is loved for its unique ethnic drinks planned to focus on the ethnic foods niche. Say Hello To Chikki Carrying

Indian dry fruit chikki is made by cooking dryfruits with grated jaggery. Learn how to make dry fruit chikki.

Growing up, chikki was one of my greatest pleasures. It was the perfect tea time snack, but it was also loaded with enough sweetness to make a child happy. My grandmother used to make chikki in her outdoor kitchen and while none