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Love may make others worlds go round, but our world is all about the cheese. Think about it, if you love food, then in some way or the other cheese must be an indispensable part of your meals. And one

Bored of your regular sides for meat? This is one simple and easy side to mop the tasty juices and gravy off your plate. And the best thing about this dish is that your kids are never complaining about eating

The bustling streets of New York City are no strangers to stunt food, and incredible food mashups. From gigantic milkshakes, to election-themed burgers, and the most bizarre sounding concoctions, the have it all! The lastest to jump on this wagon

For many, Sunday mornings would be incomplete without a stack of pancakes, or some aromatic French toast. We’re always striving to bring to you recipes that are as delicious as they are enticing. This Ricotta Strawberry French Toast is the

Think cheese balls meet cookiedough. Voila, you have a delicious dessert cheese ball that’s sure to be a people favourite at your next party or potluck. And the best part? You can whip up this delicious sweet treat in just

If you’ve ever wanted to know what to do with old potatoes sitting around in your kitchen, you can now turn into into cheese! You read that right, potatoes into cheese. PotatoMagic, an Australian company headed by Andrew Dyhin has

The thought of making dinner after a long, tiring day can be frustrating. This is when you have to turn to easy recipes to do the maximum job for you. One such recipe is this super easy baked chicken. Baked

Some days call for a pasta dinner. You might have tried various pasta dishes but this one beats them all. It has the goodness of kale and the yumminess of tomatoes and garlic in it. This meal can be prepped

Some people can be intimidated when they hear the word pasta. They’re usually taken aback because they think it’s a labourious process to cook pasta. Here’s an easy recipe from pot to plate that’ll shoo away all your fears. Read

We all know where to score the best of phoren (imported) foods and the freshest of meats; it’s about time we stalked up one some great cheese as well. Here are the 10 best places to pick up delicious cheeses.  

Print Recipe GRILLED PEACHES with Mascarpone Cheese In the summer, I like to buy large bags or baskets of fresh peaches at the farmers’ market. I eat the perfectly ripe ones immediately and use the firmer (but still ripe) specimens

Print Recipe Beef and Cheese MANICOTTI A great one-dish meal in the tradition of the classic red-checkered-tablecloth, family-owned restaurant, this is Italian-American food at its best. I like to make individual portions ahead of time, and freeze them. When I

Print Recipe CHEESE TORTELLINI in Light Broth Tortellini means “tiny cakes”; they’re small pasta nuggets filled with ingredients that range from plain cheese and vegetables to meats. They’re usually served at Sunday dinners, holidays (especially on Christmas Day), or on

Print Recipe CHEESE AND ROSEMARY Bread Sticks I know! I know! Refrigerated dough? But this dish works beautifully as a side, and when you’re making the rest of the meal from scratch this recipe will come in very handy. You

Print Recipe FONDUE AU GRUYÈRE [Cream Filling with Swiss Cheese] Use these multipurpose cream fillings for the sautéed bread rounds, bread cases or tartelettes. They may also garnish the cream puffs, the pastry turnovers, the croquettes, and the crêpes. Votes:

Print Recipe GALETTES AU FROMAGE [Cheese Wafers] These featherweight wafers are often made of Swiss cheese, but you can use other cheese or a mixture of cheeses if you wish, and thus employ leftovers. The dough contains just enough flour

Print Recipe SOUFFLÉ AUX BLANCS D’OEUFS [Cheese Soufflé with Egg Whites Only] The following light soufflé with its strong cheese flavor is one way of using leftover egg whites. Remember that egg whites take well to freezing, so you can

Print Recipe SOUFFLÉ AU FROMAGE [Cheese Soufflé] This recipe is intended as a detailed guide to those that follow. All main-course soufflés follow this general pattern: Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients The soufflé

Print Recipe QUICHE AU ROQUEFORT [Roquefort Cheese Quiche] Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 3 ounces Roquefort or blue cheese 6 Tb6 ounces cream cheese or cottage cheese 2 small packages2 Tb softened butter3

Print Recipe crockpot macaroni and cheese There are a lot of recipes in this book that I cook every week. This is a dish that I would make every day, but I rarely do because I simply can’t be alone