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If you’re looking for a fun twist on the Classic Champagne Cocktail, then you’ll definitely want to try this recipe from Liquor.com. Honestly, what could be better than champagne combined with apple brandy and orange liqueur! Print Recipe Forbidden Apple

The weekend is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than with a lovely champagne cocktail that’s easy to make and even easier to drink! Courtesy of Liquor.com, this bubbly cocktail is fizzy and delicious! Print Recipe Aperol Flip

If you’re looking for an elegant champagne cocktail to whip up when your gang is over then try the Antoinette cocktail! Courtesy of Saveur, this vodka and berry mix is sure to be a treat! Print Recipe The Antoinette Cocktail

What’s better than a simple glass of Champagne? A jazzed up glass of Champagne Cocktail of course! Cocktails and Brunches are a match made in heaven and one of the secrets to holding the perfect brunch is to choose a

Arbor Blush

This delicious champagne cocktail uses Pisco, a South American brandy that offers up a lovely citrus hit! Courtesy of Saveur, if you’ve got Pisco on hand, you’ve certainly got to whip this one up! Print Recipe Arbor Blush Add a

Rossini Cocktail

When you first imagine champagne cocktails, you usually think of mimosas (obviously) and bellinis. However, here’s a pretty fun cocktail to try, courtesy of Saveur, called the Rossini that’s a strawberry take on the bellini, for twice as much fun!

Champagne Bowler

Summer is here and fresh strawberries are in season! Nothing makes a party quite like a champagne cocktail and this one is a banger! Courtesy of The Spruce Eats, this cocktail combines muddled berries, cognac, white wine and your favorite

Champagne Mules

In honor of the World Cup being held in Russia (and everyone’s love for champagne) here’s a Moscow Mule recipe made with champagne courtesy of Delish! Print Recipe Champagne Mules Add champagne to your Moscow Mule! Votes: 0 Rating: 0

We all know a mate (or are that mate) who loves wine and we know that sometimes refilling wine glasses can be a bit of a hassle (wine drips, didn’t ya know). What if we told you that a champagne

You’ll be belting out Strawberry Fields forever after trying this delicious Strawberry Lime Champagne recipe, courtesy of Give Recipe. I mean, we all know that strawberry and champagne is a winner, but this bellini-like cocktail may knock your socks off!

Champagne Slushies

Strawberries and champagne is a winning combination, but we’re pretty sure you’ve never had them like this. All you need for this delightful summer cocktail, courtesy of Julie Blanner, is a bottle of bubbly and some fresh strawberries! Print Recipe

Known as the celebrated and oh-so-glam ‘momager’ of the coveted Kardashian-Jenner sisters, socialite, and entrepreneur Kris Jenner was just gifted the most awesome – and may we add extravagant – gadget ever – a Moët Champagne vending machine! That’s right,

Nothing says summer (or healthy) like coconut water. However, Averie Cooks has come up with a delicious “Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, No Sugar Added” cocktail that even your picky friends will enjoy. Print Recipe Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch

A video shared by Ibiza Club News, a Facebook page, a man attempting to open a champagne bottle worth $42,000 dropped it while spilling it all over the people around him. The video shows him losing control of the bottle

Champagne is the drink of celebration. Our selection includes all the famous names, as well as plenty of artisan producers in a whole range of styles, including rosé and vintage bottlings. Here we have curated 10 Best champagne brands in

Folks, the day has come. It seems as though it’s just not enough to have a glass of Prosecco. The forces that be (AKA white people) have now decided that just a plain old glass of Prosecco just won’t cut

Enjoy your Easter Sunday brunch sipping on this absolutely gorgeous cocktail. This Champagne Float Mimosa has to be one of the most stunning cocktails you’ll ever drink. It combines sherbet and champagne, (two of any adult child’s favourite things) so you really can’t go wrong! It’s probably not the most classy way to drink champagne but it is, (dare I say it?) the most delicious!

Winter months are mostly about snuggling up with a warm cup of hot chocolate, some delicious masala chai, an aromatic cup of coffee, or maybe even some eggnog. And in all this warm snug coziness, the alcohol gets ignored, unless

Not in the mood to drink champagne with your friends to bring in the new year? Don’t worry, you can mix champagne with just about anything these days to make the best dessert ever. It’ll complete any New Year’s Eve