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Earlier this month, actress Jennifer Garner sent a big “oh my god, she is adorable” wave through social media as she recreated one of Ina Garten’s recipe in what she calls a ‘Pretend Cooking Show’. Made-up as it may be,

Do you know what you’re going to have for breakfast tomorrow? Do you know what you’re going to have for lunch next week? And what about dinner next month? No? Well, looks like we all need to take notes from

Musician and well-known social media goof, John Mayer recently had an Oreo overdose and probably won’t be eating the sandwich cookies for some time now. Mayer took to Instagram to show the world how Oreo Minis are really meant to

We’re shook. In every sense of the word. Why? Because, Kim Kardashian West! Here we are still recovering from all the holiday food (by indulging in some post-holiday food) and Kardashian is already in the second week of her diet

The weekend saw a bevy of A-listers flock to the Beverly Hilton for the highly coveted 75th Golden Globe Awards. Dressed up in noir, the stars were at the award ceremony supporting a cause – the Time’s Up movement, which

It’s only the eighth day of the New Year and Mariah Carey is already on top of the trend-setting game with all-new meal term coined for us. Because while all of us are here in 2018 attending brunches, the All

It’s officially award season and one of the most highly coveted red carpet has been rolled out at the Beverly Hilton to welcome the who’s who of Hollywood at the 75th Golden Globe Awards. While most fans are excited to

Who doesn’t like a little unexpected love here and there? Especially if it comes with a tall glass of iced tea, early in the morning, at the very first day of the year. Well, as it turns out Drew Barrymore

The Kardashian-Jenner ladies are on a roll as three of the sisters – Kim, Khloe, and Kylie – are preggers. And if you too are expecting, then we’ve got some delicious news – Khloé Kardashian is sharing her two cents

Actress Disha Patani has set fitness goals for many young women, and rightly so. The MS Dhoni: An Untold Story star sticks to a rigorous workout regime and the results are nothing short of head-turning. But did you know that

It’s only the 2nd day of the year and the Kardashian-Jenner fam is already shutting down rumours. This time it’s a pregnancy rumour started by a picture Kendall Jenner poster on Friday. The image shows Jenner sporting a pretty black

They say any publicity is good publicity. Obviously, “they” haven’t met Guy Fieri or been to Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, a collaboration between Fieri and the Blue Stein Group, on Times Square, New York City. Touted as the “most

It is hard to come by a person who has had and subsequently not liked the classic Indian boiled potato and bun combination that is the vada pao. The street snack is one of the few things that Mumbai, Delhi,

You remember how actress Jennifer Garner was a hundred percent relatable non-adulting adult in 13 Going On 30? Well, she’s back with some more of that “OMG Yaaaa” relatable content, this time in the form of a make believe cooking

That ‘tis the season to be jolly cannot be reiterated any further. But do you know what else comes with this festive glee and merriment? Food. Especially holiday treats like cakes and cookies. And do you know whose baking skills

India is a country of multiple cuisines, with flavours and spices weaving intricate and crucial parts of our everyday life. But the one name that strung Indian food together – or was the first to do so on a national

Social media was alight with images of the country’s favourite blue blood’s first birthday celebration. Taimur Ali Khan turned one on 20th December, sending one big collective ‘aww’ wave through our body. The young royal celebrated his day at the

High School Musical star and every millennial’s heartthrob, Zac Efron is a sight to behold at every given point in time. Whether it’s on the sets of one of the sultriest movies ever made (yes, we’re talking about Efron in

For anyone who follows Pad Man actor Radhika Apte on Instagram, regular shots of food and the actress posing with various edibles would be a common site. From fancy dark chocolate bars to custard tars, Apte loves it all lets

We all know that not all the food that they show in movies, or at least they are not what they look like. For instance, Hannibal Lecter doesn’t really eat human flesh and neither does Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita