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Sachin Tendulkar’s tryst with cricket has been memorable since the day he step food on the pitch. However, the same is not true about his encounter with Chinese food, which ended up in Tendulkar paying for more than he ate

You haven’t made it big unless your beverage flask screams out ‘FABULOUS’. At least that’s what singing sensation Jennifer Lopez believes, and we’re totally on board! Her pre-stardom days may have been basic but she’s not having any of that

Celebrity host Jimmy Kimmel was recently in Brooklyn, and while in the NYC borough, he went around local bars talking to bartenders. These conversations were more questions than chat, with Kimmel firing some bizarre at the drink makers, who revealed

Listen up Miami, Don’t Stop The Party because international pop icon Pitbull (nee Armando Christian Perez) is all set to launch hi restaurant at Ocean Drive, South Beach. According to The Real Deal Miami, the singer and rapper will launch

Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has had a long standing connect with meat – what with his byson-eating stint in The Revenant – but he sure wants to put his money where the greens are. Food start-up Beyond Meat recently

No, that was not a click-bait title. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez really doesn’t like to hit the gym and yet somehow manages to look like the way she does! During a recent interview in Dubai, the Judwaa 2 actress revealed her

Chef and author Jamie Oliver has got a number of accolades to his name, however, 2017 hasn’t been quite worked in favour of the 42-year-old. After witnessing a decline in sales at a number of Jamie’s Italian outlets in January

Foodies, behold yet another exciting TV show that will feature the rich and falvoursome culinary heritage of India – Utsav: Thalis of India. Hosted by ace chef Kunal Kapur, the show will be aired on Living Foodz and will take

Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt’s love for fast food is not unknown. Bolt surprised us all pleasantly when he shared a picture of himself gorging on 1000 chicken nuggets during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. And that fast food streak lives

On last night’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host and Oprah Winfrey went to do something neither of them has done in ages – grocery shopping. The duo hit a nearby Gelson’s outlet to pick up some edible

Chef Jamie Oliver has been a proponent of children’s health for a long time. The chef has spoken about child obesity and their sugar consumption on various occasions and on one such recent event, Oliver urged companies and authorities to

It’s not a fancy caviar (of any kind), or a even gold-plated dessert sundae. Oprah Winfrey may be a millionaire but some of her food choices are a hundred percent relatable and real. According to Food & Wine, the media

The 91-year-old Playboy, Hugh Hefner, breathed his last this week due to natural causes. While a lot may frown upon his way, there is no questioning the fact that Hefner will be remembered for his flamboyance and the empire that

While indulging in a batch of crispy fried insects may not be a big del for many, it does make a lot of us squirm. But little did we know that popular Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor proudly falls in the

For everyone who has been an ardent follower of MasterChef Australia (probably the best MasterChef ever – no offence to its counterparts across the globe), George Calombaris is a name that can be synonymized with epic food. So when the

This Sunday, the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles will be brimming with the who’s who of primetime television at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The award ceremony will honour the best of our favourite TV actors as chosen by

Yes, we’re talking about the election campaign that got the world buzzing about the fate of the United States of America. Now, it’s not an easy task to run for President, so it is essential to remain well fuelled at

After celebrating her birthday in Philadelphia, singer Beyoncé headed over to her hometown in Houston, Texas to bring some relief among the Hurricane Harvey survivors. The singer along with her mother Tina Lawson and Destiny’s Child band mate Michelle Williams

This week marked one of the most celebrated and iconic ones in the world of music, for it was the Queen’s birthday. Singer, songwriter, and (recently) mom to three, Beyoncé Knowles turned 36 on Monday (4th September). And the world

It sucks when you make plans with your squad and then they get cancelled at the last moment. Now imagine the same happening to over a thousand concert-goers. In short, mayhem. This “mayhem” ensued this Tuesday when a Lady Gaga