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Over the past few years, we’ve seen Shahid Kapoor portray some really diverse characters on screen. From a bedevilled young man in Haider to a drug addict rockstar in Udta Punjab, Kapoor has been nothing short of spot on in

After Jennifer Aniston put down all pregnancy rumours following her happy brunch belly being mistaken for a pregnant belly, this time the paparazzi has misjudged Halle Berry’s full-stomach for a baby bump. Seriously, can we not assume that every bloated

When visiting a new country, you either love it or vow never to come back again, in case of the former, there are a few particular things like the culture, cuisine, architecture, etc. that appeal to first timers and tourists.

Pippa Midleton and James Matthews’ wedding has been nothing short of international news. Right from her gorgeous white lace gown by Giles Deacon to Kate Middleton donning the strict mommy hat with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the ceremony had

If there is one person in the Hindi Film Industry who can truly be lauded for not only their flawless physique but also dedication and discipline towards maintaining that fabulous, fit, and healthy form, it’s Tiger Shroff, a.k.a., Jai Hemant

Actor, singer, and music composer are a just a few of the feathers Ayushmann Khurrana has tightly tucked in his heavy hat. In a column for Daily News & Analysis, the Meri Pyaari Bindu actor revealed his love for veggies,

After their 8–year run at the White House, the Obamas are now leading a life sans the ‘First’ in their respective names. And quite gleefully, might we add so. But that does not deter us from looking up to the

Since his magnanimous on-screen arrival (not debut, but arrival) with Woh Saat Din in 1979 to his ever so charming appeal over three decades later, not much has changed about Anil Kapoor. The actor has somehow managed to preserve himself

There are pancakes, and then there are pancakes whipped up by daddy cools. Don’t get us wrong, but daddies cooking along with their little ones are a sight to behold, especially if its pancakes being cooked in the stove (something

While Madonna’s Vita Coco has been our go to replenishment after workouts, last year pop artist Beyoncé too put her money in a watermelon water startup called WTRMLN WTR. And now joining the league of extraordinarily talented women is Bollywood

The Kardashian-Jenner klan is anything but standard. Whether it’s their after party snacking, places to hog on pasta, recipes to make pasta, their celebratory cakes, the naturally dyed Easter eggs, or anything else. You get the drift. So if their

How far would you go to prove that you’re a die-hard fan? Would you make a card, a poster, a scrapbook, a drawing, or would you resort to high-tech laser techniques to carve out a ham-and cheese sculpture like this

On Wednesday, 22nd March, Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon rang in her 41st birthday with her girl squad and one fancy tea party at Hotel Bel Air, Los Angeles. The gathering was attended by a close group of friends including

Stories about what celebrities did to earn a living before hit the red carpet and our TV screens are not unknown. From waiting tables to doing all kinds of odd jobs, the stars didn’t shy away from any kind of

Being part of the star-studded movie industry comes with the baggage of looking like a million bucks at all times – whether it’s a man or a woman. And for many, the road to achieving this is through a stringent

You may have the biggest record companies on your speed dial, major design houses after your brand name, and music charts brimming with your hits, but at the end of the day, good food is what makes or breaks your

At 27, Ayesha Curry has achieved more than most of us can even dream of. And now it looks like she won’t stop at nothing! After rolling out a successful cooking show on Food Network and a best-selling cookbook, Curry

Praise the Lord as yet another great coffee joint may be on the cards for the people of Marietta, GA. And Alton Brown will most probably be the man behind it! A resident of the town, the TV chef and

Celebrities are the most influential people on the face of this planet. Not only do they influence us on the silver screen, tabloids, and on TV, but also leave a major mark on the various aspects of our lives –

She’s a former Bollywood heartthrob, currently a happily married mother-of-two and a dazzling diva, but most of all Neetu Kapoor (née Neetu Singh) is an evergreen artist. One who’s persona refuses to give away her age. And how! In a