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While we can’t quite classify this drink as a ‘beertail’ it’s a great option to try to boost spirits a little. Courtesy of Liquor.com, this Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot does come with a warning (because ya know, fire and booze

This lovely beer cocktail only needs three ingredients so you can easily whip it up for your next Oktoberfest party! Courtesy of Food & Wine, Edna’s Lunchbox is the perfect cocktail to make en masse as a simpler cocktail option!

If you’re looking for a lovely beer cocktail to whip up this Oktoberfest month, then we’d suggest the Low Approach cocktail, courtesy of Food & Wine! This cocktail isn’t that boozy which makes it perfect for day-drinking (so you don’t

Brewsky Sangria

If you’re looking for a delicious beer cocktail to whip up for your annual Oktoberfest party then look no further than this Brewsky Sangria courtesy of Food & Wine! Just make sure you don’t open your lager prematurely! Print Recipe

This delicious cocktail is a hot, beer take on the French 75! Perfect to whip up for an Oktoberfest-themed party this Belgian 75, courtesy of Food & Wine, is a great way to refresh your palate. Print Recipe Belgian 75

If you’re trying to cut down on the pounds, then you have to try this amazing Oktoberfest cocktail, that’s under 200 calories! Courtesy of Shape, this Patch & Orchard cocktail won’t have you feeling guilty! Print Recipe The Patch &

If you’re looking for a quick Oktoberfest cocktail to whip up for your mates that come over during this festive season, then look no further than this Super Submarine cocktail, courtesy of Drink Manila, that will pack a punch! Print

Unsurprisingly, the shandy cocktail has become a pretty popular way for non-beer drinkers to enjoy a good brew without it being unpalatable. Here’s a Ginger Shandy cocktail to make for your friends who aren’t partial to a beer this Oktoberfest,

Serbesa Cocktail

If you’re looking for a delicious beer cocktail to get things going this Oktoberfest season, then try this Serbesa cocktail, courtesy of Drink Manila! Print Recipe Serbesa Cocktail Described as a beer and margarita hybrid, this cocktail sounds sessionable indeed!

Who said that you gotta drink plain beer the entire Oktoberfest? Try out this delicious, easy to make Oktoberfest cocktail that combines a lovely smooth bourbon with a typical pint of lager, courtesy of Liquor.com! Print Recipe Beer Sting Cocktail

Oktoberfest is here, and beer-drinkers have plenty of reasons to rejoice! However, if you’re looking for a delicious Oktoberfest cocktail to relieve yourself from a constant flow of beer, then try out this Red Velvet cocktail courtesy of the Rachael