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December is upon us, and soon the Christmas festivities will be everywhere – the music, the lights, the plays and the food. If you’re looking for ways to bring the cheer into your house, these recipes will help spread some

How do you know when a cake is done? Try the following tips and tricks to make sure you never serve unbaked cake again. 1. The edges of the cake pull away Usually a cake has finished cooking when the

Sadly, the weekend has come to an end. However, that just means that we can start planning for next weekend, yay! If you’re a parent or a sibling to a kid who likes baking (what kid doesn’t like baking, sugar

Dogs spoil their owners with endless amounts of love. And while Fido may like to play ball or go for a run, one thing will make your dog happier than all the others combined: food. Their tail wags, they bark

We all know the story of Hansel & Gretel and their adventures. How many times have you felt like taking a chomp out of the gingerbread house? Personally, I have stopped counting! Now you can not just take a big

Baking cookies for Christmas might just get easier! Meet CHiP, a smart oven designed by the team that brought you SideChef, with one purpose: baking you warm, fresh cookies. This special cookie oven bakes up to four cookies at a time, works

We all have that one friend who infallibly sends over a batch of cookies, or a small cake to our doors every Christmas. This Christmas, why not say thank you with some baking tools? We’re sure they’ll be greatly appreciated!

We love baking, whether it be a simple loaf of bread or absolutely delicious pastries like blueberry muffins, banana nut bread or SCONES! Baking is the single most hardest thing to master in the kitchen. Every single aspect of the process

  I have a friend who methodically bakes about a hundred batches of cookies each year during the holiday season for family, friends and colleagues. Even when she’s working with such large numbers, her cookies are all uniformly shaped, sized

Print Recipe Drop Biscuits Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 15 minutes Cook Time 25 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 6 cups all purpose flour4 tablespoons baking powder1/4 teaspoon Salt3 sticks cold butter cut into pieces3

Some consider baking a science, while some consider it an art. Do it right, and you’re rewarded with a beautiful cake, an adorable batch of cupcakes or a heavenly smelling loaf of bread. Do it wrong, and you’re rewarded with

It’s in your cake, it’s in your frosting, it’s in your candy, and several other items that you probable didn’t know about yet. But it’s the one that adds colour to your food, literally. Food colouring is popularly used all

Would you eat a dog? Of course not! Unless, of course it comes in the form of this adorable Pugloaf that’s taken over internet users’ hearts across the world. This lifelike creation was baked by Lou Lou P’s Delights, an

Here are some fantastic cupcake recipes that you can use for whipping up some sweet treats at your next sleepover. They’re very simple to make so have your friends pitch in for some real baking fun! You could also use

Imagine what the world would’ve been like without Nutella. No. We can’t. It’s one of the best inventions ever and we can’t imagine how we’d live without it. It’s comfort food that we can eat straight out of the jar, it’s

Thanks to the innumerable ‘Cake Wars’ and ‘Bake Offs’, we’ve seen some of the most innovative and creative cakes that could ever be. But as they say ‘beauty is in simplicity’, this cake inside an eggshell just takes the cake,

Cookies are everyone’s favorite little treats. Crispy, soft, crunchy, chewy – no matter what they’re like, they’re always around when you feel like snacking and there’s never the wrong time to binge on them! You can have one, two, five

Good morning fellow foodies and Happy World Baking Day! “What?”, “Baking day, did you say?” The world baking day is a day when you make a pledge to bake for someone special in your life, to let them know they’re

Are you suffering from Monday blues? Maybe this parody of Taylor Swift’s popular song ‘Shake it Off’ will cheer you up. In the spoof, which was created for Stand Up To Cancer, a British organisation,  Jamie Oliver literally dances circles

Baking like a professional can take years to learn. That doesn’t mean you don’t bake at all. Everyone needs to know how to bake a basic cake, bake cookies-because it never hurts-to be prepared and there will come a time