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After a long hard day of work or simply just to get the party started, a cocktail is all that one needs. And we’re sure James Bond would agree, given his “shaken, not stirred” stand on the matter. But fangirl-ing

The moment football fans around the world have been waiting four years for is finally here! The FIFA World Cup is beckoning and football frenzied fans are all in! If you’re looking for some great venues screening the World Cup

Stop rubbing your eyes, it’s true. Drink to your heart’s content at Pickle & Pint for they will be serving alcohol 365 days a year. This means there’s always one place which has no dry day in Mumbai. Plus they

Did you know Long Island Iced Tea does not have any tea in it? And a martini made with tequila is called a tequini? Or that Irish coffee ain’t just good ol’ coffee? And also that “whiskey” is used to

Everyone knows the struggle to get drunk when you’re a broke college student with a surprisingly high alcohol tolerance. However, it looks like Capriccio Bubbly may be the trick to getting that weekend buzz for cheap, oh so we thought,

Usually there is a cancer warning that we see on cigarette packets but now there is also going to be ‘Drive Safe’ labels on liqueur bottles too. According to a report by India Today, the Food Safety Standard & Authority

Alcohol and snacks go hand in hand. And not just because no one wants to get drunk on an empty stomach, but more because certain foods tend to bring out the flavor in your drink even more. It is also

A delicate drizzle from the waterfall (yes, you read that right!) and a delightful breeze welcomed us as the door opened and we entered what was definitely one of the most unique dining set-ups we’ve ever seen. Stepping into a

Be it a good day at work or a bad one, an occasion or simply Monday blues. There’s always your favourite drink or beer that cheers you up big time. Here are great deals and happy hours on alcohol at

There are only two run outs we prefer, a run out in the opposing team or the one where the summer heat runs out. But don’t worry, we’re not going to run out of drinks because 145 Kala Ghoda and

In the early 1900’s hardly any women drank liquor (best not to run the risk of seeming immoral). However, in the present-day, the drinking woman has become somewhat socially acceptable. Unfortunately, this change has come about rather recently which has

The cricket fever has returned along with the summers in Mumbai. It’s time to gather up your buddies and hit the sassiest places for drinks, chilled beer and delicious eats for its time to cheer hard for your team. So

Happy Hours make us happy and knowing that we kick back after a long day at work and not hold back is the best news. So ladies if the thought of unlimited martinis and sangrias makes you happy too, then

It’s Friday tomorrow and yes, we’re excited! The weekend spirit has sunk into us and we’re sure that after going through this list you’ll do a little dance too. Check out the 6 amazing places to be at this weekend

For over a century now (130 years, to be exact), Coca-Cola has been synonymized with soft drinks and soda. An image that may soon be painted over because the beverage giant has an all-new not too soft beverage on the

Ladies! Women’s Day is almost here, and what better way to celebrate your womanhood than with a (much-needed) day designated to unlimited sangria drinking! At BAR BAR, our favorite wholesale price bar, they’ve scripted the perfect way to celebrate Women’s day

Girls, grab your gang because this Women’s Day The Brew & Barbeque is celebrating with drinks at just Rs. 8 onwards post 6 pm (get off work a tad early). But, that’s not all the microbrewery is offering. Ladies will

BAR BAR, our favorite wholesale pricing bar, is back with yet another food festival (cue the internal screaming). However, these delicious morsels come with a bit of an *ahem* twist. Chef Paul Kinny has set about to surprise our tastebuds

We’re all familiar with the concept of Happy Hours where one drinks for a whole lot less (less money and more alcohol = happy). However, we’re also aware that with happy hours come conditions, like drinking on a weekday after

41-year-old actor and gorgeous human specimen Ryan Reynolds just one-upped his investment portfolio. The Deadpool actor recently invested in existing American gin label Aviation Gin. The actor in addition to bagging part ownership of the alcohol brand has also been