Taco Or Burrito: Which Is The Better Tex Mex Fast Food?
March 7, 2018

Taco Or Burrito: Which Is The Better Tex Mex Fast Food?

Fast food makes for a major chunk of what we eat. Well, most of us eat. What? It can’t just be me! And given the crazy options out there, it’s truly difficult to choose, even though we may have certain favorites. From pizza and burgers to fried chicken and milkshakes, the variety out there includes a massive number of cuisines like Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean, American, and Mexican. Speaking of Mexican, the cuisine from this country too is a stockpile of yummy. And given all the fast food joints around, there is no shortage of cheesy tacos and loaded burritos anywhere.

Taco and burrito are both Mexican foods but poles apart. And while both of them incorporate delicious filling in between an outer covering, there are a few differences. For instance, taco uses a crunchy outer shell while burritos are wrapped in a soft flatbread. Secondly, in terms of size, ingredients, and wholesomeness, the burrito is definitely the clear winner with its rice, meat, and veggie stuffed center. The taco can pass off as a quick snack with all that cream, cheese and meat. But despite all the differences, we could eat both taco and burrito in one sitting. Can you do that? Or would you rather just eat a lot of just one of these foods?

Vote below and let us know which Mexican fast food do you like beer – taco or burrito?

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