Taco Bell’s ‘Naked Chicken Chips’ IS What Will Make America Great Again! #POLL

Chicken nuggets were recently hot on social media after nugget kid Carter Wilkerson managed to create quite a stir around it. But if nuggets are all the rage, can nacho chips be far behind? Especially when it’s a nacho-nugget hybrid that we’re talking about. That’s right, there now exists a fast food snack in the Taco Bell realm that’ll give you the best of both worlds, that is, nacho chips and chicken nuggets. Behold, the Naked Chicken Chips.

A true manifestation of all our dream and fantasies, the snack looks like a crunchy corn chip but is actually made of chicken, basically a nugget shaped like a nacho. Dreamy or what? Oh and, it comes with a side of this gorgeous ooey gooey golden molten cheese dip. Seriously, goodbye summer bod!

Taco Bell's ‘Naked Chicken Chips’ IS What Will Make America Great Again! #POLLImage: Foodbeast

A lot of you may be reminded of a certain snack rolled out by Taco Bell that was rather short lived – the Naked chicken Chalupa, which was crispy batter-fried chicken shaped like a taco shell. Although dissimilar on some grounds, the Chalupa and Chips do share a few things in common. According to Refinery29, like its chalupa predecessor, the Naked Chicken Chips have a bit of heat to them, making the mild cheese a good addition.

Starting today, that is 11th May, the chicken chips will be up from grabs across USA. And if you want more than just chips from your meal, the fast food chain has got your needs covered with a Crunchwrap that will features the chicken chips in the signature Taco Bell wrap.

So, will you be in line to try out this fried chicken chip at Taco Bell? Vote below and let us know!

Feature Image: Nation’s Restaurant News