Taco Bell’s Latest Burrito Is An Edible Firecracker! #POLL

And we’re not even exaggerating. Just as we thought eccentric food trends had become passé, Taco Bell has gone ahead and rolled out an edible explosive. Move over naked chicken chips and star-shaped cheese, because the fast food joint is now testing out a new and fiery – in more ways than one – burrito in its menu.

The burrito comes laden with spicy “popping crystals” that taste a lot like Pop Rocks meets Tabasco (yes, we’re drooling too!). Quiet aptly, the new product is called the Firecracker Burrito, the roll is available in two different varieties – spicy and cheesy – that are filled with rice, cheese, beef, and red tortilla strips, then wrapped in a red tortilla. Meanwhile, the spicy burrito features an added punch owing to a drizzle of fiery chipotle sauce.

Not only does the new blazing range sound amazing, they look like a million bucks too! A blend of all hues hot and searing, the Firecracker Burritos warn you of the firestorm way before you bite into one.

All that said, the real deal is the extra packet of cayenne popping crystals you can shower on your burritos for an additional 20 cents. And as per Foodbeast, one must use those crystals sparingly. And we can understand why.

So, are you excited to try out these new fiery burritos? Vote below and let us know!

Feature Image: Delish