Taco Bells Gives A Hint That They Might Soon Have Fries In Their Menu


Taco Bell has been testing Nacho Fries in West Virginia and there is major hint given by the food chain that they soon might be available all over the US. The hint came about when Taco Bell replied to a famous bass player, Mark Hoppus

Dropping Hints On Twitter

Mark Hoppus is a Blink-182 bass player who claimed that Del Taco was better in comparison to Taco Bell because they sold fries.


Taco Bell out of obligation to revert to a legendary musician revealed that different might change soon which means we can expect fries on the Taco Bell menu.


After bringing out Chicken Chips earlier this year, this will be a big addition to the menu, if they stick to their word that is. Whatā€™s your opinion? Would you like to see fries on the Taco Bell menu?