Taco Bell Is Reportedly Testing Crispy Chicken Chips

Mere days after announcing that it’s taking its Chicken Taco Shells nation-wide, there are rumours abound that it’s testing Crispy Chicken Chips.

Going Non Vegetarian

If the tests are successful, customers will be able to go completely carnivorous at Taco Bell and replace their regular tacos with fried chicken ‘tortillas’.


To make these fried chicken tortillas, the chain will cut chicken into triangles and deep fry them. The chicken chips will be served with a nacho cheese dips.

The idea was posted on a Reddit forum where a user posted a photo of the chicken chips.

While there’s no official confirmation from Taco Bell yet, a spokesperson did comment to Eater saying “We’re excited to bring Naked Chicken Chalupa to restaurants nationally next year. Chicken as the shell is a concept our fans love, so why stop there?”



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