Taco Bell Is Offering Airbnb Users A ‘SteakCation’ In An Outlet In Canada

Do you have an intense love for Taco Bell and all that it offers? Did you ever wish you could just live or hibernate in the restaurant’s confines? Well, your wish may just come true: Taco Bell Canada is offering Airbnb users the chance to win a sleepover in an Ontario Taco Bell.

A Unique ‘SteakCation’

The offer is a part of Taco Bell Canda’s SteakCation campaign, which is to promote the the steak doubledilla which Taco bell describes as “a double portion of marinated steak, creamy jalapeno sauce and a 3 cheese blend, all grilled up in a flour tortilla.”


Taco Bell announced the campaign with an Airbnb listing, which says “Have you ever dreamed of living in a Taco Bell? If so, you have really strange dreams. And we have really great news: On October 17th, you and three friends can celebrate the launch of the new Steak Doubledilla by spending the night at Taco Bell playing games, watching TV, and of course, eating plenty of Steak Doubledillas.”

The Space

Taco Bell describes the space saying “Our Taco Bell location in Chatham, Ontario will be outfitted with two sets of bunk beds, some comfy chairs, and a big screen TV. Not only will you dine on Steak Doubledillas — with twice the tender, marinated steak and creamy jalapeño sauce in a cheesy quesadilla — we’ll also have video games, movies, and lots of other stuff to keep you entertained. Plus, our Taco Bell Butler will be there to make sure you’ve got everything you need. Experience Steak Doubledilla decadence at our Taco Bell Airbnb SteakCation.”


Photos shared show a large comfortable space with couches, bunk beds and a wall of Taco Bell logos. Other amenities include air conditioning, wireless internet, and heating. However, there’s no pool, hot tub, gym, washer or doorman. But, you do get a butler as the description says.

Want to participate? Head over to their Airbnb listing, enter the competition and cross your fingers.