Taco Bell Has A New Offer But Not Everyone’s Happy About It

One would assume that the words ‘Taco Bell‘ and ‘offer’ in the same sentence would have people over the moon right? Wrong! That is fake news! Lyft recently announced a partnership where passengers can request stops to Taco Bell drive-thru windows between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m (that’s right, drunk binge eating alert).

Taco Mode essentially enables passengers (who may, or not be, intoxicated, come on T Bell let’s call it as it is) to get their late night munchies without the hassle of an additional drive or (dare I say it?) drunken stumble. While party going peeps around America were probably celebrating the news, Lyft drivers were seriously pissed off.

That’s because Lyft drivers are paid by the mile with no extra compensation mentioned. Combining drunk people, Mexican food, and a moving vehicle would definitely result in a few accidents even if passengers promise to ‘wait till they get home to eat’ spillage is always a reality causing Lyft driver to unleash their outrage on Twitter.

Lyft seemed to hear their drivers apprehension and were quick to respond.

Sorry, drunken, munchie craving passengers, I guess that settles it for now.