T-Pain Is In A Lot Of Pain After This Hot Wings Challenge!

Challenging one another or even your own self to scoffing down something extremely hot seems to be the new ‘IT’ thing on social media. First it was Priyanka Chopra chowing down some super hot wings with Jimmy Fallon; then we had the guy who slurped up the world’s spiciest ramen with a thousand bird eye chilies; and then we had the stud who bathed in a tub of hot sauce. And just when you thought sense would prevail, rapper T-Pain went ahead and put his mouth on fire.

In fact, if you’ve been an avid follower of First We Feast’s Hot Ones challenges, you’d be aware that no sense is going to prevail anytime soon. Their most recent challenger was T-Pain. The rapper despite going through various Google search pages failed to prepare his spice buds for the onslaught of chili that lay ahead of him.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-1-43-20-am

T-Pain drizzled his chicken with a number of sauces that score crazy high numbers on the Scoville Scale, by the way. The guy ingested everything from a scorching hot Sriracha Hot Sauce (Scoville Level 2,200) to a painfully spicy sauce called ‘Pain 100%’ (Scoville Level 40,600)!

But hear this, he “got a strategy”. He came with a full-fledge – although total fail – “strategy” of downing all the hot wings with a steady intake of cold milk to keep the fire under control. And although, in all fairness, the hip-hop artist did make it through the challenge and took down the 10 wings like a true champ, but alas, the spice came out as the clear winner. T-Pain – and more importantly his tongue – was completely spazzing by the end of the tenth wing and no Bartender could have put out the fire. The R&B mullah had major tongue spasms. But hey! He finished the challenge!screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-1-44-02-am

And as devoted YouTube and crazy challenge bingers, it is our duty to sit through all the pain, which is why we urge you to watch the complete challenge, which took the Billboard kingpin 21 whole minutes to finish BTW, below. With a bottle of ice cold water in hand, of course. Enjoy!


Images: YouTube | First We Feast