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Switching To Plant Proteins Might Be Better For Your Health


A study conducted by St. Michael’s Hospital in Canada has found that switching to plant proteins can reduce cholesterol that leads to cardiovascular diseases. The study says that if a person substitutes one to two servings of animal proteins with that of plant there can be a small reduction in the three main cholesterol markers that for the reason for the cardiovascular diseases.

Eating Plant Based Proteins

The study was conducted by Dr. Sievenpiper who observed that if plant proteins like soy, nuts and pulses replaced one or two portions of animal proteins, there was five percent reduction in the main cholesterol markers. “That may not sound like much, but because people in North America eat very little plant protein, there is a real opportunity here to make some small changes to our diets and realize the health benefits,” said Dr. Sievenpiper, a clinician scientist with the hospital’s Clinical Nutrition and Risk Modification Centre.

“We are seeing a major interest in plant-based diets from Mediterranean to vegetarian diets in the supermarket and the clinic, and this comprehensive analysis of the highest level of evidence from randomized trials provides us with more confidence that these diets are heart healthy,” said Dr. Sievenpiper.

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