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Swiggy’s Subtle Take On The Cricket Season In Their Ads Will Make You Smile


Be it an elderly man sneaking in a gulab jamun or a sister trying to get the remote by luring her brother to a cupcake, Swiggy’s ad campaign emphasises on their small orders and yet manage to give subtle hints of the cricket season. A report by Brand Equity tells us that the people behind these clever commercials are Lowe Lintas, Bengaluru.

Swiggy’s Clever Ad Campaign

The report by the publication further says that the cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle and former cricketer and commentator Akash Chopra had also been roped in for lending their voices to the ads. “The IPL-themed advertisements are fun and intriguing to watch as they explore relatable scenarios that have made Swiggy a household name today,” said Srivats TS, VP Marketing at Swiggy told Brand Equity.  “Whether it’s a married couple or a full-fledged party watching the big matches, the idea is to showcase Swiggy’s role in changing the way India eats, by bringing out the brand benefits in a likeable and engaging manner while delivering a full entertainment experience to millions of people and fans.”

The minimalistic approach of the new advertisements by Swiggy gives a quick message that at least left us with a smile. The emphasis here was on small deliveries which can get as small as a single gulab jamun. The on-point commentary in the background made the ads what they are. “Cricketing jargon has always been part of the popular lingo in India. What we’ve tried to do with this campaign is to present the brand’s benefits in a fun, light-hearted, everyday context with cricket commentary delightfully punctuating the life situations,” said, Arun Iyer, Chairman & CCO, Lowe Lintas to Brand Equity.