Swiggy Data Reveals How Many Indians Celebrated Their Valentine’s Day


What did you do with your significant other on Valentine’s Day? Did you take them to a swanky restaurant and enjoy a fine dine meal complete with champagne and roses? Or, did you choose to stay at home, order in and enjoy some much needed alone time with your Valentine? According to data from Swiggy, one of India’s leading food ordering and delivery platforms, there was an immense rise in ordering in on Valentine’s Day in urban areas across India.

The Stay At Home Trend

Last Tuesday, which was Valentine ’s Day, Swiggy saw an average increase of 10% in orders as compared to any Tuesday in the past six months. The order value also increased; it was on average 32% higher than the past Tuesday.

Biryani was one of the most ordered dishes across the country – indicating, perhaps, that we still have a soft spot for traditional fare on special days.

The platform also saw a jump in dessert orders on Valentine’s Day as compared to earlier Tuesdays; Mumbai saw a 116% jump in dessert orders Delhi saw an 85% jump while Chennai saw a 62% jump.

Talking about the trend, Srivats TS, VP, Marketing at Swiggy said “great food is a key ingredient in any Valentine’s Day celebration. This year has been no different. However, what we are seeing is that a lot of consumers celebrated their love over food in the privacy of their homes.”