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Swiggy Comes Out The Big Winner Of IPL 10


Yes, yes we know, as much as it grieves me to say this, the Mumbai IndiansSwiggy! In spite of immense competition from the likes of UberEATS and Google Aero they’ve come out on top and this is how they did it!

Swiggy has seen a 23% increase in new user orders on the back of IPL alone and they believe they have created the brand equity necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

First off, Swiggy leveraged the consumer sentiment during the IPL through multiple marketing initiatives. They tied up with restaurants to give attractive offers during the days in the cities where the match was being played.

They also do social media campaigns like #Swiggylicious, which show food preparation in an engaging manner. Swiggy also does food trails where we partner with bloggers and local city folk to visit interesting restaurants in the city. They inform users on the app about the local delicacies available at these restaurants and how they can access them.

There are also restaurants that have created exclusive dishes for Swiggy. Hyderabad’s trendy thick shake chain ‘The Thick Shake Factory’ has created a branded shake. They did something similar with the ice cream chain ‘Corner House’ in Bengaluru as well.

So, all in all, they’ve been a smashing success – I like to think of them as the real winners of the IPL.


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