With Swiggy Access, Swiggy Launches Its First Kitchen Backend Facility
November 14, 2017
Christina George (1508 articles)

With Swiggy Access, Swiggy Launches Its First Kitchen Backend Facility

With UberEats and Zomato slowly nibbling away at Swiggy’s stronghold in Bengaluru, Swiggy has now launched Swiggy Access, a central base or warehouse facility housing five restaurants. Based in Marathahalli, the restaurants part of Swiggy Access are Leon Grill, Keventers, Punjabi Rasoi, and two of Swiggy’s private labels, The Bowl Company and House of Dabbas.

According to Your Story, Swiggy Co-founder and CEO Sriharsha Majety, said the idea of Swiggy Access came with an understanding of the consumers’ needs and requirements. “Each restaurant has its own different personality. Hence, the kitchen space works according to the different needs and requirements of the restaurants.”

Wondering How The Model Works?

Swiggy Access has adopted a plug and pay model where restaurants bring in their own equipment and commence operations. These restaurants don’t have to pay rent, and they also get free access to advertising on Swiggy’s platform. They’ll also be able to gain access to data insight and consumer feedback.

“We are looking at hungry entrepreneurs who aren’t content with opening one or two kitchens, but grow with possibly the next five,” said Harsha.

He added the company had considered areas with high consumer traffic and based on certain data science algorithms, the team worked on the cuisine mix that would work for the consumer base. Based on that, the team goes after areas where there is demand but supply is low.

“The other ways that we decipher this is when consumers search for a certain brand on the platform and it brings a null or a zero search. In that way, Leon Grill in Marathahalli comes with the top null-search result,” added Harsha. In the next six months, Swiggy is hoping to have expanded its access operations to  40 restaurants across three metro cities.

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