Your Sweetest Dream Come True: Ferrero Is Opening A Nutella Café In Chicago

Nutella lovers, sit up straight! Ferrero, the parent company behind the beautiful, gooey chocolate spread has just announced that it is gifting the world an official Nutella cafe. This cafe will be a fitting tribute to the cult- inspiring hazelnut chocolate spread.

Step Inside A Nutella Jar

The cafe, which is on Michigan Avenue in Chicago takes inspiration from a Nutella jar for its decor; its colours are creamy white and rich brown, it’s got motifs of the hazelnut plants everywhere and the door itself is shaped like a Nutella jar.

Meanwhile, as expected, the menu boasts every Nutella-food combination you’ve ever dreamed. There are Nutella croissants and Nutella topped waffles. There are hot coffees with Nutella drizzle and Nutella French toast.

In case you need little escape from the sweet overdose, there are other savoury menu items which have been inspired by Nutella like speck ham and gruyere panini, which have ingredients which are sourced from North Italy.

The cafe wil officially open on May 31st and Ferrero has said that the first fans to visit the café will get a special surprise. Free bottles of Nutella for life, perhaps?


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