Sweeten up your day with 5 Kerala Payasam recipes!

Any Malayali’s love affair with payasam tends to date back to their first Onasadya (the Onam lunch). A small bowl full of this typical Kerala dessert will go a long way in gratifying your sweet cravings. In fact, up until a decade or two back, a Keralite did not know much about any sweet course other than payasam or its variants. Needless to say, all my childhood memories are smeared with this delightful and succulent batter.

1) Ada Pradhaman

Ada Pradhaman was what I always looked forward to having every time Amma insisted I should accompany her, to a distant relative’s or family friend’s wedding. Watch this video to taste heaven in a bowl.


2) Ari Payasam

Think of Ari Payasam and the small talks and chitter chatter everyone around indulges in during get-togethers and family functions resonate in my ears. “Payasam undu tto. Chudode kudichittu pokaam” (“We’ve made Payasam. Have it while it’s still hot”).  That’s the hostess inviting her guests for a round of ‘payasam’ when they are preparing to leave. Take a look at the video to enjoy some compliments while serving cups of tasty Ari Payasam for your get-together next.


 3) Chakka Pradhanam

The very first item that I jot down on the menu that I mentally make, and later ask my mother to prepare, when I know there is a festive occasion round the corner, that’s always Chakka Pradhanam. Watch the video if you too have already jotted down this name in your list of desserts to taste.


4) Pal Payasam

After a heavy Kerala sadya, staying back to sip on a warm cup of Pal Payasam is always a happy thought. A typical Kerala sweet made from rice, milk and sugar, the flavor of this dessert will take you a step closer to God’s Own Country. Check out the video and bring that taste home!


5) Parippu Payasam

Another classic dessert from the land of coconuts, Parippu Payasam is cherupayar parippu (lentils) cooked in sweet-smelling coconut milk and jaggery. Click to learn how to prepare this sweet Kerala style payasam and serve it hot or cold.