Sweeten Up Your Cocktail With New Innovative Dessert Cocktails At Yauatcha

Sweeten Up Your Cocktail With New Innovative Dessert Cocktails At Yauatcha

There’s no dearth of innovation when it comes to cooking but getting creative with cocktails is a whole other ball game. Yauatcha, known for its impeccable drinks have come up with concoctions that’ll have you skipping the dessert section altogether. This restaurant is going to change the pattern of having something sweet followed by a dessert wine because now it all comes in a glass in their new Liquid Sweet Shop menu. So let’s give you a look into what you can expect.

Sweeten Up My Drink

Using ingredients like tangy raspberry, white and dark crème de cacao, sweet vanilla essence, espresso, coffee cream, pecan nut and gold leaf, Yauatcha is all set to give you dessert cocktails like never before. Inspired by their lovely dessert popular on Instagram, Raspberry Delice, they’ve created Raspberry Delice Martini. It’s made with tangy raspberry, vodka, white and dark crème de cacao garnished with rich and aromatic butterscotch bitter. If you’re a coffee person you’d definitely like their Pecan Delice Coffee with house made caramel vodka, espresso and coffee cream with a touch of pecan nut and gold leaf.

There are plenty more choices like the Red Fruit Fromage Martini which is a combination of mix berry compote and mascarpone washed vodka and the Banana Mudslide – a pleasing blend of Kahlua, vodka, Irish cream liqueur and a hint of banana from the Crème de Banane. Amaretto Sour at Yauatcha is made with ingredients like Amaretto liqueur, Italian lemon juice, whisky, egg white foam and Angostura bitters and is also a must try. Finally, the good old chocolate gets to play its part with the Chocolate Mint cocktail. This one is a concoction of rum, Fernet-branca, Amarula liqueur, Crème de cacao, and espresso with a garnish of a miniature mint and chocolate macaron. So get ready for a sweet cocktail experience like never before.


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