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Sweeten Up Your Holi With These Amazing Traditional Recipes


It’s that time of the year when your sweet tooth simply can’t resist which is why we bring to you these delicious sweet nothing for Holi. Make these traditional recipes and have a sweet Holi!

Malai Kulfi Recipe

Creamy Matka Kulfi is the best way to celebrate any auspicious occasion. Even Chef Shaun Quade couldn’t resist its delicious taste!

Goan Nevri Recipe

Delicious and full of coconut flavour, here’s a traditional Holi delight from the Konkan belt!


Nothing says Holi like a glass of refreshing Thandai!


These spirals of sweetness are one of the most exceptional sweets in our country!

Chocolate Gujiya Recipe

Give your gujiya a chocolatey twist and surprise your loved one with this delicious treat!

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