Swedish Coffee Chain ‘Wheelys’ Comes To India, Will Set Shop In Noida This October

2017 is turning out to be quite a good year for Indian coffee lovers. After the announcement of the world’s most expensive coffee, the Indonesian Kopi Luwak’s arrival in India (yep, we’re going to start producing it!), Swedish organic coffee chain Wheelys is making its way here!


Is That A Big Deal?

Why is that a big deal, you ask? Well, for starters, the Swedish coffee chain is a first of its kind mobile coffee shop – or ‘Café on wheels’ – and secondly, did we mention that it’s organic? “Wheelys is based on the idea that we have to be absolutely different from other chains in every way possible. For example, the coffee chains already present offer chemically treated food products whereas we offer organic coffee,” Founder Evan Luthra told IANS.

“We are quite excited about our expansion. We are launching in five locations this month and plan to open five more every month. Our goal is to have 100 locations running before the end of 2018. It’s about providing a healthier option to our consumers instead of just burgers and fries,” he said.

Swedish Coffee Chain ‘Wheelys’ Comes To India, Will Set Shop In Noida This OctoberImage: Wheelys Café


More About Wheelys, India

In the brand’s own words: “Wheelys is a chain of organic bicycle cafés, enabling people (ALL people) to start their own businesses”. The start up provide a full-fledged micro café complete with wi-fi, a stove, a music system and more modeled out of a three wheel cycle, which takes just $3,000 to set-up. And this award-winning, compact, and eco-friendly café has been popping up all around the globe. Cool or what?

Wheelys, which first started operations in 2014, is all set to launch its first outlet at DLF Mall of India, Noida this October, and has a whole lot of caffeine and food to serve up! “All our coffee and drinks are 100 percent organic. I personally like the waffles with different flavours and waffle infused shakes. We keep introducing new products. Recently we added homemade cookies and cold pressed fruit juices. Even the local delicacies are being introduced in healthier avatar like wheat momos and baked goods instead of fried,” Luthra added.


Feature Image: BBC