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This Survey Reveals The Best Post Sex Food


What do pizza and a one night stand have in common? Well, a lot more than you’d think. According to a recent Yelp survey when the website asked 2,000 single millennials about their favorite post-sex food, most preferred to chow down on pizza. Tacos came in “a distant second,” according to the press release.

You’re also more likely to hit it off with your partner if you like specific foods; 46 percent of singles are more attracted to their one-night stand if that’s the case, TODAY reports. To increase the likelihood of a second hook-up—or maybe even a first date—you need to like pizza, ice cream, pasta, and/or tacos.

However, there was a catch. It turns out that only one in three survey participants would actually share a meal with their sexual partner after a one-night stand, and they would prefer casual take out or delivery over a formal restaurant date.

Unsurprisingly, the most serious turn-off was if the other person was a loud or open-mouthed chewer. If they had any of these mannerisms then their relationship potential went out the window. In fact, participants found loud chewing more repulsive than other bad habits like “gorging” on junk food or drinking too much alcohol.

So, if you’re planning on a post-coitus meal, make it pizza, and don’t forget to close your mouth when you chew.

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