Here Are 7 Shocking Reasons To Stop Hesitating And Go Grab That Mug Of Beer

We know it’s still early in the day to be tempying you with pictures and information about beer. But wait, here is some information to keep in mind when you head out to grab a mug, or three! And the best part? With this information, you have all the defence you need against anyone who tries to nag your for going to grab that mug. Beer has some suprising health benefits which I’m sure not many of us knew about!


Could a mug of beer help you live longer?

It certainly might! A recent study conducted of 80,000 adults conducted by the Pennsylvania State University found a pint or two a day could help reduce the risk of having a stroke or developing cardiovascular disease. The research, conducted among Chinese adults, discovered that a moderate daily alcohol intake helps slow the decline of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good” cholesterol.

And that’s not all, there are more surprisinh health benefits hiding in that pint of yours.

1. Beer Can Lower The Risk Of Kidney Stones

According to a study conducted last year, the risk of developing kidney stones decreases with increasing beer consumption. The study authors noted that both the water and alcohol found in beer are shown to increase urine flow and dilute urine, thereby reducing the risk of stones forming. Alcohol may also increase the excretion of calcium, the prime constituent of kidney stones. Great news, huh?

2. Beer Reduces The Risk Of Heart Attacks

With moderation being the key here, dark ales and stouts can reduce the incidence of heart attacks. Atherosclerosis – when artery walls become furred-up with cholesterol and other fatty substances – is known to cause heart problems. A research team at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania revealed that beer can cut the risk of this disease by half as much.

3. Beer Reduces The Risk Of Strokes

Studies conducted by both Harvard Medical School and the American Stroke Association have shown that people who drink moderate amounts of beer can cut their risk of strokes by upto 50pc, compared to non-drinkers.

Strokes occur when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. The consumption of beer makes the arteries more flexible and significantly improves blood flow. Thereby, no blood clots form, and the risk of having a stroke drops significantly.


4. Beer Strengthens Your Bones

Beer is known to have high levels of silicon, an element known to promote bone growth.
However, like all good things, there’s a very fine line here. Academics at Tufts University in Massachusetts found that one or two glasses of beer a day could reduce your chance of fracturing your bones. But on the flipside, more than that could increase the risk of breakage.

Golilocks got it right – too much, too little, or juuust right!

5. Beer Can Cure Insomnia

And what better a way to say goodnight? Ales, stouts and lagers have been found to stimulate the production of dopamine, a compound that may be prescribed to insomnia sufferers by a doctor, in the brain.

But wait, according to research, simply tasting beer increases the amount of dopamine in the brain – and thus make drinkers feel calmer and more relaxed. That these effects are achieved after only a taste, and so a paltry 15 millilitre serving is all you need – the equivalent of one tablespoon of beer. Not an excuse to down two mugs, we know – but still a good start!

6. Beer Can Stop Catracts

A long drinking session at your local brewery or pub leads to blurry vision, we know. However, consume just the right amount of beer and your eyes will love you more!
Researchers at the University of Western Ontario found that the antioxidants found in beer, particularly ales and stouts, protected against mitochondrial damage.

7. Beer Can Help You Lose Weight

Saving the best news for the end, contrary to the popular belief of a ‘beer belly’, researchers at the State University of Oregon have found that beer can help you shed some pounds. The scientists published a study earlier this year showing that a compound called xanthohumol, commonly found in hops, can lower an individual’s chances of developing metabolic syndrome – a condition that indicates obesity, elevated blood pressure, increased blood sugar, and bad high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels.

Unfortunately, you would have to drink a whopping 3,500 pins or more to feel the benefits of this ‘miracle’ compound. We think you;d be lucky if you’re still able to feel anything after that!


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