Surf Through Your Dinner Parties Without Lifting a Finger in the Kitchen


You’ve invited your in-laws over for a meal. It’s absolutely necessary to impress them, but your boss has just given you a deadline that will make it impossible for you to head home, cook a delicious meal and clean up before your guests arrive. Don’t worry –simply head over to and book a meal that is guaranteed to impress your guests.


Kitchensurfing will send a professional chef to your house, with the necessary ingredients and equipment to put together a delicious meal in 30 minutes. Each day Kitchensurfing presents customers with three menus that they can choose from; today’s gives customers a choice between miso-marinated chicken with scallion pancakes, Greek branizo with roasted potatoes and spaghetti all puttanesca with garlic bread. The customer pays $25 per head, and can have the chef cook for up to 6 dinner guests. If you’re hosting a larger party, then pay $100 per head and be treated to a multi course dinner that the chef will prepare, plate and serve. Kitchensurfing also offers a cocktail party option in which the chef will prepare bite sized meals at $40 per head.


BusinessInsider recently took Kitchensurfing on a test run. They were greatly impressed by the professionalism of their chef, Chris, who arrived on time, worked well in a small kitchen and took care to plate the dishes beautifully. Chris’s success was likely a combination of natural cooking ability and his training; Kitchensurfing conducts background checks on their chefs, has them take taste tests and instructs them each day on the menu of the day.
At present, Kitchensurfing operates in Boston, Chicago, New York, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Seattle and Washington DC. And for the rest of us poor souls? Well I guess for now we’re going to have to deal with having the in-laws over by ordering take-out.