A supermarket with no packaging opens in Berlin. What in the world?

“We want shopping to be beautiful again. And our environment should benefit from it.” Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, co-founders of Original Unvertpackt

The doom of plastic

There was a time when all our groceries and our general shopping items used to find their way in plastic bags. Every time you headed out to the shop, another plastic bag got accumulated in your house.

When awareness was raised, people opted to bring their own bags, and likewise, shopkeepers kept a stock of paper/ biodegradable bags.

The Germans, however, were not ready to put the full stop just yet.

Adding more meaning to a zero

Original Unvertpackt is an innovative supermarket in Berlin, Germany, that doesn’t quite believe in conventional food packaging. Packaged food may look attractive, and it is definitely an easier option, but it simply fails to be sustainable. The waste generated after shopping is humongous, and the method of disposal is still uncertain.

The concept of ‘Zero-waste’ was developed by pioneers Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, co-founders of Original Unvertpackt. They realized that customers needed a viable alternative, one that could eliminate the packaging waste and stay eco-friendly.

The conception of zero-gravity comes into play here. Nuts are stored, or rather suspended, in containers, called bulk bins, and as when the customer requires it, a calculated amount is let out through a wide nozzle. A similar procedure is followed for liquids.




You’ll have to bring the necessary utensils, jars and bottles from home to carry your shopping cart out of the store. Your containers are initially weighed, and this number is subtracted from the gross weight at the time of billing. For those who are in the mood for some on the go shopping, recycled paper bags will be provided to contain your provisions.

“Grocery shopping will never be the same again. No more one-way-cups, no more shrink-wrapped veggies and no more plastic bags. How does it work? It’s incredibly easy. We offer everything in bulk and you can fill the produce in any container you like. And you are saving all that packaging waste. We want a revolution — unpackaged food for everyone!” Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, co-founders of Original Unvertpackt

Just a few more euros will do

Though private investors have offered assistance, this project’s main revenue was generated via the crowdfunding site –Starnext. They needed a total of $61,000 but the over supportive crowd collectively donated a startling $124,000.

These girls have worked closely with health authorities for over a year to develop this clean concept. But certain items like meat, chips and such can’t be sold in Original Unvertpackt. Despite these drawbacks, the idea of this shop has gained worldwide recognition, and everyone is pumped to see the store in action.

Are you in for some of this smart shopping?