Which Of These Superfoods Would You Place Your Bets On? #POLL

Superfoods, or health foods as they are also called, have been big these past few years. Given the shift of spotlight to a healthier demographic, the biggest of private and public organisations have started to emphasise on the importance of a healthier existence, which gave way to the inevitable rise of foods like quinoa, oats, muesli, kale, kefir, chia seeds, and the likes. And while there is no set scientific definition of what qualifies as ‘superfoods’, there is a rough idea of the same floating around. Basically, superfoods are food items high in vitamins and minerals – and are also kind of exotic. They can also be a source of antioxidants, substances that shield our bodies from cell damage and help prevent disease.

Now you may think that the numbers of foods fitting the high level of nutrition bill are many, but there are few that have made their way under the “mainstream” tab, and that are widely consumed – like the aforementioned chia, kale, and the likes. So, which of the following health foods do you place your bets on? Vote now!

Feature Image: healthy and sustainable food