Super-Amazing Pizza And Waffle Festival At Tea Trails In Mumbai
November 25, 2017
Shruti Anand (1396 articles)

Super-Amazing Pizza And Waffle Festival At Tea Trails In Mumbai

Sipping on a cuppa of tea according to your taste and choice is truly a luxury and one of the few places in Mumbai that brings a variety of them from across the globe under one roof is Tea Trails. As awesome as their teas are so is the food and we went to the BKC outlet to feast at their ongoing Pizza and Waffle Festival

The Experience

It is next to impossible not to order tea at Tea Trails and to experiment a little we started off at a sweet note and ordered a Masala Chai Sundae. The dessert had flavourful fruity bubbles that burst in the mouth giving a refreshing, zesty taste. The vanilla ice cream went very well with the masala chai flavours and the latter were subtle and not at all overpowering. The little notes of masalas used in chai were evident yet added tastefully to come up with a delicious dessert.

Next we tried the China Town Poutine Fries and it was the perfect snack while we waited for our pizzas to arrive. While we’re at it we should have you know that not only the pizza and waffle festival is on right till the end of the month but also there is a 20 percent off on all the pizzas and waffles so you must try these.

We waited a while for the Mexican Pizza to arrive but when it reached our table we knew it was worth the wait. The fiery pizza was full of jalapenos and bell peppers which gave a zing plus the peri peri flavour made all the difference. So for those who like their pizza sizzling hot they should opt for this one.

Next we tried the Chicken Tikka Pizza and thought we loved the Mexican Pizza better, we enjoyed the non-vegetarian variety too. The pizza had generous chunks of chicken and paired with onions, tomatoes as toppings, it was a great combination and worth a try.

We saved a little space for the waffles and tried the Mega Fruity Waffles which were full seasonal and tasty fruits and were really good in taste. We enjoyed the crispy waffles which was made to perfection and topped with light cream and strawberries, bananas and apples. Yum!

So don’t miss out this awesome Pizza and Waffle Festival at Tea Trails and visit an outlet in Mumbai closest to you!

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand

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