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Sundar Pichai “Dropped Everything” To Settle This Hamburger Debate


It’s not everyday that the CEO of Google leaves all else aside to settle an Internet debate. So when does intervene in our daily Twitter discussions, we leave all else aside and listen. Recently, media analyst and author Thomas Baekdal took to Twitter to point out a rather trivial discrepancy between the burger emoji on the Apple and Google keyboards. Here’s what he tweeted:


To Cheese or Not To Cheese

As it turns out, Google and Apple has different takes on where the slice of cheese goes in a hamburger. And if two of the world’s biggest tech giants are confused, what are we simpletons to do? How are we really supposed to layer our burgers? Following the tweet by Baekdal, Twitter was engulfed in a full-fledged debate where some sided with Google’s cheese-under-everything-else placement while others vouched for Apple’s cheese-on-top-of-the-patty placement.

For further reference, here’s how the others put together their virtual hamburgers. And it’s safe to say that the cheese goes on top of the meat mostly.


Following the burger debate on the micro-blogging site, Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted he would “drop everything” on Monday to address the debate, clarifying “if folks can agree on the correct way to do this!”

While there has been no further communication from Google, the popular opinion is in favour of the cheese on patty. However, most users believe that Microsoft got it right. That said, a quick glance at various hamburger tutorials on the web reveals that almost every chef and fast food chain out there has a different way of layering the fast food.


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