Sumptuous Variety Of Khichdi In Mumbai That You Simply Can’t Miss This August

Sumptuous Variety Of Khichdi In Mumbai That You Simply Can’t Miss This August

August is a special month for our motherland as it attained its freedom back in 1947. Today, the world knows us for a variety of achievements and cultural aspects especially food. Whichever part of India one may go to, there’s always something new to discover with regards to food. In fact, a simple, comfort food like Khichdi also varies from region to region. So during this special month, why not relish each one of them within the city of Mumbai? Here’s how.

Khichdi Festival At Neel Mumbai

Last year at the World Food India conference, Khichdi was declared as the Brand India food and entered the Guinness World Book of Records too. So why not relish this sumptuous dish in all its glory? This is exactly what Neel Indian Kitchen and Bar intends to do with their ‘regional khichdi festival.’ They’ll be making khichdi from various regions of the country right from the beginning of the month till Independence Day. Ready to find out what’s in store?

The khichdi menu at Neel Indian Kitchen and Bar has nine varieties of the dish. One can relish Venpongal, a classic South Indian dish, Pahadi Khichdi which is inspired from the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand, Kathiyawadi Khichdi originated from Kathiawar region and Bisi Bele Bhaath. The healthier versions include Bajre Ki Khichdi and regional specialties like Maharashtrian Khichdi and Bihari Khichdi.

Don’t worry there’s something for everyone and how can we ignore the mind-blowing meaty khichdi versions? The menu at Neel also includes delicious Kolambichi Khichdi and Karnataka Mutton Khichdi. So get ready for a flavourful experience as you taste, relish and even detoxify yourself with the nation’s most cherished food – Khichdi.

Festival Dates: 1st August to 15 August 2018

Location: Neel, Nariman Point and Neel Powai


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