Your Summer Sesh At Hoppipola Just Got A Whole Lot Better!

Hoppipola is really the go-to place for an awesome, cheap drinking experience with friends. You can clown around while playing their board games and enjoy the light mist from their hydroponics looking set up that keeps you cool all day! Lucky for us, they’re amping up the experience even more with some sick summer cocktails!

As the temperature soars, Hoppipola has decided to unleash a range of refreshing cocktails to cool things down a bit. But to stir things up, these new cocktails have a fun Indian twist to them!

If you love the typical summer ingredients like cucumber and lemon (honestly, who doesn’t), you’re going to want to try the Sikanjiroshka, a mix of vodka, Shikanji (a traditional lemonade from Punjab) and mint leaves, or the Liquid Kachumbar cocktail that has white rum, coriander, green chillies, Gondhoarj lime from Bengal and cucumber cubes.

However, if sweet is your thing, then the Tipsy Thandai or the Irish Lassi ought to be your new summer drink! Literally, alcoholic lassi, thank you, God, for giving me what I never knew I always wanted!

This is also the season for the king of fruits. Hence, Hoppipola has created Aam-Tam to satiate the mango cravings that we all have. Bringing an Indian twist to a martini is the Jamun Martini. Gin based with tons of Jamun and a dash of lime.

Now for the really important news! All of these cocktails are gonna be available at all Hoppipola outlets at least until the end of May! You know you don’t want to miss out!

Go for the alcoholic lassi but stay for the Jenga and misty experience. Did I mention that they also have some really kickass edible shots? You never know, this may be the time that the gods of luck shall smile down on you causing you to finally open the door that contains a free shot as treasure!


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