Summer Is Here: Katrina Kaif Stars In A New Tropica Slice Ad

Now we know it’s officially summer. Of course, the burning sun and bucket loads of sweat were clues. But, what makes it official is a new ad from Pepsico’s Tropicana slice featuring – you guessed it – Katrina Kaif in a typically sensuous role.

Kaif and Tropicana Slice

Kaif’s advertisements for Tropicana Slice go back as far as 2010, when she was roped in as the brand’s ambassador. Indeed, her ads were so effective that many a customer automatically associates Slice with Katrina Kaif. Here are a few of her ads through the years:

Do you see a pattern? A beautiful, statuesque Kaif wanders through forests biting into luscious, plump mangoes creating the idea that Tropicana Slice is made with plump, freshly picked mangoes and that a sip will transport you as well to whatever beautiful woods Kaif is in.

The Latest

Tropicana Slice’s latest ad deviates from the pattern a little; in this one Kaif is seated in a Europeans cafe and orders herself a bottle of Tropicana Slice. Declining a glass, she proceeds to bite into the bottle, which has magically transformed into a mango (hilariously, a disclaimer in the ad mentions that the bottle reflects a “creative rendition, not actual bottle”). As she savours the mango, she proceeds to floor the entire cafe even making a waiter trip and fall as he watches her. Check it out:

As you can see, another lady in the cafe calls for the same, seeking the same experience Kaif had. Do you want to do the same? Head to a grocery store and pick up a bottle of Slice and toast the start of summer.