This Summer Head To Silver Beach Café For A Fondue-Full Experience!

The summer holidays are on in full swing; now’s the chance to spend some quality time with the kids if you’re a parent or while away hours talking about nothing if you’re a college student. Even the corporate crowds are managing to wrap up work a little earlier and head home to indulge in some family time. Bonding, we say, happens best over a good hearty meal and the perfect destination to do that this month is Silver Beach Cafe, which has created a Fondue Special menu featuring oodles of cheese and chocolate.


Fondues automatically evoke the idea of communal dining; each diner gets a fondue fork and an assortment of accompaniments to dip into a shared bubbling pot of fondue; i.e melted cheese. Silver Beach Cafe has stepped up the fondue game with ten different fondues that play with flavours in melted cheese and liquid chocolate. There’s the Sunset Fondue, which infuses sun-dried tomato pesto in creamy cheese, the Basil Twist Fondue, which infuses pesto in the cheese, the Old School Fondue which combines a variety of cheese together and the Spicy & Fiery Fondue which features cheese spiked with peri peri.


For desserts, chocolate lovers will swoon when they’re given the choice between the White Wonderland Fondue, made with melted white chocolate, the Chocolate Fantasy Fondue, which combines dark chocolate with sea salt roasted almonds and the Nutty Dark Chocolate Fondue, which combines dark chocolate with honey almonds.

A Fiery Fondue

Beckoned by the idea of a pot of bubbling cheese, we headed over to Silver Beach Cafe late last week and, in defiance of the summer sun (after all you fight fire with fire) called for a Spicy & Fiery fondue with roasted buttered baby potatoes, lavash, bread sticks and oven roasted mushrooms. Other accompaniment options included roasted vegetables, spiced baby corn, potato wedges and garlic croutons.


The fondue arrived at our table looking like liquid gold and remained pleasantly warm and smooth through our feasting. Before we picked up our forks to begin dipping, we tasted a spoonful of pure fondue and were impressed with the balance between the thick, prevalent cheese taste and a subtler spicy, paprika tinged taste from the peri peri. The fondue’s flavours shone through when had with the bread sticks and happily accompanied the baby potatoes, which – generously buttered – were an indulgent treat. Our favourite accompaniment, however, were the oven roasted mushrooms, which scooped up copious amounts of fondue making a balance between the earthiness of the mushrooms, the indulgence of the cheese and the kick off the peri peri.


The Chocolate Fantasy

– Or the chocolate odyssey; such was our experience with our dessert fondue, made with dark, liquid chocolate and sea salt roasted almonds. Accompanying it were fat slices of brownies, fresh fruits (watermelon and apple) and marshmallows. While we could have easily finished off the pot of fondue on its own, just like we polish off bottles of Nutella in one go, but we resisted and used our forks to coat a slice of brownie in the fondue. As we lifted our forks away, the chocolate hardened slightly creating an amazingly rich chocolate coated brownie. It was a similar story with the marshmallows and with the fruits; thanks to this fondue, coating watermelon and apple slices with chocolate became a genius move.


It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that we immensely enjoyed our escape into a fondue wonderland at Silver Beach Cafe. What adds to the taste and experience is the sharing nature of the dish – grab your friends or family for a lengthy bonding period over a pot of the bubbling fondue and we guarantee you’ll have a meal worth remembering. Enjoy!

P.s Stay tuned for a video capturing our delicious fondue experience.