Sula’s Chief Winemaker, Ajoy Shaw Tells Us How To Pair Our Wine With Indian Food

Be it summer, the monsoons or winter, it’s always a good season for wine. In India, mention the words ‘local wine’ and most people’s minds will automatically go to Sula, India’s first domestic wine producer, which has won hearts across the country, and across the world for its wide variety of wine wines. However, while thanks to Sula more wine drinkers are happy to enjoy Indian wines, many still believe these wines can only be paired with European dishes like cheese or roasts.

Ajoy Shaw, Sula’s chief winemaker begs to differ. He argues that classic wines can go beautifully with Indian foods from your humble vada pav to your spicy vindaloo. Shaw is in charge of all of Sula’s winemaking operations including tasting and blending, harvesting, selecting equipment and materials, quality checks and launching new brands He’s experienced 15 harvests in India, California and Bordeaux and has represented India as an international judge in the Les Citadelles du Vin competition. In short he really (really) knows his wine.


Therefore, in a bit of a coup, we’ve got Shaw’s advice about the best wine pairings for Indian foods; gather your friends together for a dinner party this weekend and enjoy traditional, comforting Indian flavours with these complementary wines:


The Sula Riesling with Vada Pav


“The delectable Sula Riesling with its distinctive fruity flavors of green apple, grapefruit and peach goes delightfully well with the Maharashtrian classic Vada Pav, as it tempers the zing of the dish with its fruity flavor and accentuates the taste of the Vada Pav and in turn the wine.”

The Cono Sur Reserva Cabarnet Sauvignon with Butter Chicken


“The Cono Sur Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon from the heart of South America in Chile has fruity, full flavours of sweet plums linger on the palate with hints of mild integrated toasted oak that marries the spicy flavours of butter chicken with its fruity, sweet aftertaste to create one of the best food and wine pairings.”

The Sula Zin Rose with Samosas


Another unusual but savory pairing is of the Sula Zin Rose and Achari Paneer Cocktail Samosas. Known for its aroma and hints of strawberry and honeysuckle, this wine is the perfect summer companion given its refreshing taste. The fiery achari samosas are washed in perfectly with the Sula Zin Rose as the refreshing flavor blends with the fiery taste of the samosas to transcend the mundane culinary experiences.


Hardy’s Cabernet Merlot with Spicy Indian Curries


“The Hardys Cabernet Merlot has a riot of flavors with intense fruit aromas of plum, blackcurrant and brambleberry fruit along with a soft, sweet vanillin oak background. This wine helps soothe the palate of hot Indian curries like Vindaloo and makes for an ideal companion.”

The Sula Reserve Viognier with Sev Puris


“Sula Reserve Viognier is a popular wine known for being floral and spicy at the same time. The tingling flavors from this wine transform the tangy Sev Puri tarts completely by providing a hint of spice to this famous India street dish.”

Hardy’s Riesling Gewurztraminer with Seekh Kebabs


“Hardys Riesling Gewurztraminer is an internationally renowned wine that provides a tantalizing amalgamation of flavors like peach, spice and candied lemon. This wine when combined with Seekh Kebab Skewers makes for an intriguing experience as the spice and piquancy of the wine brings out the flavor of the Kebabs beautifully.”

Ruffino Chianti with Malpuas


“The Ruffino Chianti D.O.C.G hails from the plush Ruffino estates of Italy and is renowned for its slightly spicy finish along with floral notes of violets, fruity flavor of plums and sweet cherries. The slight spice in the end contrasts marvelously with the sweetness of Malpua, an Indian delicacy and helps washes down the excess sugar.”

P.s Since it’s Ramadan, malpuas are bountiful; head to Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai to pick up some.

Sula Late Harvest Chenin Blanc with Kulfi Falooda


“The Late Harvest Chenin Blanc is known for its aromas of mango, honey and tropical fruit and this sweet and succulent wine provides just the right amount of lushness to Kulfi Falooda with jelly and custard. This delicious wine and dessert pairing manages to stimulate the taste buds for a perfect end to any meal. ”