Sula Vineyards Releases Limited Edition Sula Brut In A Vibrant Bottle For Holi

Happy Holi! Across the country, celebrations for the festival of colours are underway with scores of people playing with colours, downing drinks and feasting away. On their part, restaurants and eateries across India have put together special menus and cocktails to contribute to the atmosphere of merriment and revelry.


Sula’s Holi Surprise

In the (literal) spirit of Holi, one of India’s leading wine brands, Sula has released a Limited Edition Sula Brut across Maharashtra, Delhi and West Bengal.

The wine, which is packaged in a vibrantly coloured bottle is an exclusive Methodé Champenoise sparkling wine which blends Chenin Blan, Pinot Noir and Viognier. Sula has launched only 1000 cases of it across the three regions.

In a statement on Sula’s website Cecilia Oldne, VP – Marketing, Sula Vineyards, said, “Holi is a favourite festival and we wanted to make this one extra special and colourful! The design of this limited edition beauty includes all the vibrant colours of the rainbow, reflects joy, and is created to put a smile on one’s face. Let’s welcome Holi back by popping some happiness!”’

So, if you’re planning on visiting with friends or colleagues this Holi, grab a beautiful bottle of this wine, pop it and get splashed!