Sula Vineyards Launches J: A Cognac-Style Brandy

After the launch of India’s first 100% grape brandy earlier this year, Sula Vineyards has now launched J, a Cognac style grape brandy.

J differs from Janus in that it is made by blending 50% grape spirit with another premium spirit.

Making J

J is made with grapes from the Nashik valley and aged in French oak barrels, giving the brandy a complex character. It is then double distilled in small batches in alembic copper pot stills. The resulting brandy is golden with notes of dried fruits, vanilla, tobacco and honey.

The brandy is packaged in a bottle inspired by mid-19th century designs.

Talking on the launch Cecilia Oldne, Sula’s Global Brand Ambassador says, “JANUS has already found its well-deserved place in many bars and households across the country. What many don’t know is that grape brandy is also an excellent spirit for making a variety of great drinks. The smoother and fruitier the spirit, the better! J is indeed a star served on its own – but its style, characteristics and price makes it simply the ideal brandy for cocktails!”

Deepak Bhatnagar the President of Sales and Marketing at Sula Vineyards added, “Brandy consumption as a segment in spirits is growing in India by the day and it is also on request and demand we are launching J. Adding to the range of premium grape brandys, customers can now look forward to yet another option and one even lighter on the pocket!”

J is available in 750 and 180 ml bottles with the 750 ml bottle priced st Rs.1600 in Andhra Pradesh, Rs.1440 in Telangana, Rs.1495 in Karnataka and Rs.990 in Goa.