“Sugar shouldn’t be ignored”, Alia Bhatt Keeps Her Diet Real

What better than a successful young diva to set health standards for the impressionable and health conscious chunk of the society? Which is why when Alia Bhatt speaks out about her diet regime, we listen. The 24-year-old can easily be touted as a healthy person with utmost dedication towards her diet and workout regime, and in a recent Facebook live video with dietician Rujuta Diwekar, Bhatt shed some light on her diet as well.

Bhatt started off by declaring the most important – almost slogan-worthy – fact: “No boy is worth starving for!” A notion that also makes for the very first principle of her dieting (and life) rulebook.

Shattering one popular notion after the other, the Highway actress added that, “Everyone’s talking about gluten-free pizza, brown bread and red rice, about reducing their carb intake, and I’m eating white bread and butter at 4am. Rujuta showed me how local food eaten in moderation can be healthy.” We’’ toast to that! Literally.

Speaking on the importance of a balanced diet (and busting yet another myth), Alia said that sugars shouldn’t be ignored as it “helps cool down the body temperature after working out”, adding that she also “never skips her rejuvenating glass of sugarcane juice post-workout”. Much like Rujuta Diwekar’s other celebrity client, Kareena Kapoor Khan.

However, things went from real to relatable when Bhatt revealed that she likes her favourite foods – dal khichdi and curd rice – topped with a spoonful of ghee! We’re totally on board with that!

For more tips from the actress and the nutritionist, watch the full video below.

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